ECR Europe, Checkpoint and University of Leicester team up on shrink project

Four-year project to tackle retail shrink

Four-year project to tackle retail shrink

Retail security expert, Checkpoint Systems, is collaborating in a four-year study on shrinkage with the University of Leicester and ECR Europe (Efficient Consumer Response) in order to develop new ways to combat loss in the retail industry.
Co-chairs of ECR Europe Shrinkage Work Group, John Fonteijn, head of group asset protection at Royal Ahold and Colin Peacock, customer development director, on-shelf availability for Procter & Gamble, said they will ensure these new projects bring value to the retail community by improving industry knowledge and understanding on a wide range of retail loss related issues.
The projects will include:
– Understanding the impact of loss on on-shelf availability
– Charting the potential impact of developments in mobile scanning technology
– Exploring the links between employee satisfaction and loss
– Discovering the challenges of managing loss in the multichannel retail environment
Companies involved in the project next to Checkpoint Systems are: Tesco, Asda, University Of Leicester, L’Oréal, Procter & Gamble, Marks & Spencer, Beiersdorf, Royal Ahold, Carrefour Belgium, Sainsbury’s, Heineken, Jumbo Supermarkten, ECR Europe, Metro Group, Wilkinson, Diageo Brands, Bacardi, Polo Ralph Lauren, AS Watson and GSK.
Fonteijn said: “I am confident we will uncover new perspectives and insights into a wide range of aspects related to loss in the retail industry. As an established think tank on the topic of shrinkage and loss in the retail sector, the ECR Europe Shrinkage Group, with the continued support of Professor Adrian Beck and the addition of a new research assistant, Megan Bornman, to the team, can now really begin to develop new knowledge to help the industry better manage the significant problem of loss.”
Peacock said: “I believe the production of new knowledge and understanding is essential in developing more effective methods of loss prevention as well as useful tools that could aid retailers and manufacturers to better manage loss in their organisations.”
Per Levin, president and chief sales officer shrink management & merchandise visibility solutions for Checkpoint Systems, said: “Checkpoint is excited to partner with ECR Europe Shrinkage Group on this four-year study that will provide a valuable insight into the effects of shrinkage in the industry. We are committed to help retailers and manufacturers reduce shrinkage and improve merchandise availability, especially in stores where new technologies are revolutionising purchasing habits. By understanding and improving the impact of losses, we can support manufacturers and retailers and ensure consumers have a pleasant shopping experience.´´
ECR Europe Shrinkage Group said it hopes to further establish its presence within the retail community as an active forum that provides a unique, fresh look at the problem of loss as well as providing ongoing and up to date support catering to the needs of the retail community. In line with this, an active web presence, through the use of various social media forums and websites, will be created. New modes of disseminating the findings of the research has already been planned.