ECR UK tackles alternative modes of transport in guide


Rail and water: sustainable distribution alternatives?

ECR UK has launched a guide to explore alternative modes of transport to road, such as water and rail, as its next step in promoting good supply chain management.

The Optimising Transport Modes guide assesses the use of alternative transport modes and if they are a viable option and includes 30 case studies from retailers, manufacturers and logistics providers.

Profiled at the IGD Supply Chain Summit 2010, the guide follows ECR UK and IGD progress in sustainable distribution, which has taken 124m HGV miles off UK roads.

ECR UK has also produced a guide designed to help the grocery industry optimise load fill.  Optimising Road Fill: A Best Practice Guide is designed to help companies make their deliveries more efficient as recent research has revealed 30% of vehicle space remains empty.

ECR UK is also working in tandem with the IGD on a new project, Starfish, which will collate and model industry distribution data and explore opportunities for consolidated loads and category consolidation centres.