El Cortes Inglés uses Trace One portal to manage private label range

El Cortes Ingles invests in private label development with Trace One

El Cortes Ingles invests in private label development with Trace One

Trace One, a European leader in e-collaborative solutions for private label food and non-food products, has signed an agreement with Spanish retailer El Corte Inglés to establish a common portal for the central management of own-label consumer products.

Trace One said the tool has enables El Corte Inglés to streamline the management of its entire private label product creation process, including product selection; panel management; auditing and the preparation of data sheets; tracking requests for quotes; and collecting information on product recalls.

The new platform will increase productivity in the management of private label products and reduce their time to market by between one and two months, Trace One claims. Furthermore, the application will optimise collaboration with suppliers and ensure partners have the exact information they need, from across the entire supply chain, delivered to them in real-time.

El Corte Inglés said the use of Trace One’s solution meets its commitment to “providing consumers with better information and improving the traceability of products”.

Christophe Heurtevent, senior vice president for Southern Europe of Trace One, said: “We are pleased we have been able to help El Corte Inglés improve the transparency of information on its own brand products. This will in turn help it become more effective in the development process, as well as responding more quickly to the growing demands of its consumers for these products.”

Through the use of the Trace One platform, El Corte Inglés has also further strengthened its relationship with own-brand suppliers. After implementing the first stage of the ‘Quality Portal’ two other stages are planned: the ‘Packaging Portal’ to accelerate the comprehensive management of packaging design and the ‘Product Lifecycle’ portal to optimise the entire workflow process, including the handling of complaints.

  • Trace One has launched a new version of its Packaging Portal. According to the company, the new product adds the capability to manage long-rang product lines, enabling distributors to speed up the development of major projects and reduce time to market by 20%. The portal is also designed to help retailers revise their packaging specifications within the framework of the new European regulations on food labelling.