Electronic cigarette brand, Vype, launches national TV advertising campaign

Breakthrough creative for Vype

Breakthrough creative for Vype

After just six months in the market, Vype, the electronic cigarette brand from Nicoventures, is launching a national TV advertising campaign. The campaign will run across terrestrial and satellite TV after 9pm and uses a dramatic and atmospheric TV spot to inspire adult smokers to see Vype as an alternative to tobacco, the company reports.

The advert, which can be seen on broadcast and digital channels from 17 February through to 6 April 2014, incorporates a continuation of the “Experience the Breakthrough” creative platform, developed by iris Worldwide in 2013. The TV campaign brings to life the ‘sonic boom’ device – an iconic image representing breakthrough and transformation – used previously only in print and poster executions.

Shot by top French director Lionel Mougin and with special effects by London post-house MPC, the commercial captures a personal moment of satisfaction, dramatised by an enigmatic man and woman running through a night-time urban streetscape, before passing through a ‘sonic boom’ of vapour. The iconic image represents a breakthrough moment for smokers everywhere, Vype claims.

Nigel Hardy, Nicoventures head of UK and Ireland, said:  “The creative for our advertising targets adult smokers who can decide for themselves what it means to ‘Experience the Breakthrough’. It could be choosing Vype over tobacco, switching to Vype as a better quality of e-cigarette or the satisfaction of using Vype to reduce dependency on traditional cigarettes. By using the iconic image of passing through the sound barrier to represent a breakthrough moment, we are inviting smokers to experience a multi-layered breakthrough in satisfaction.”

Andy Taylor, creative director IRIS Worldwide, said: “The spot is designed to build intrigue and anticipation. The blend of live action and sensational special effects should set us apart in the category.”

Electronic cigarettes have grown in popularity since they were first introduced with an estimated 1.3m UK adults using the products, up from 700,000 in 2012. As part of this growth, Vype aims to provide a best practice, high quality standard as a market leader within the e-cigarette category.

Vype uses the latest technology to provide a lightweight electronic cigarette with a realistic soft tip, similar size and feel to conventional cigarettes, the company says. All products contain ECOpure, one of the purest e-liquids available, which is manufactured in the UK using high quality ingredients including pharmaceutical grade nicotine.