Electronics specialist, Maplin, launches new TV ad campaign

Following its first foray into TV advertising in May 2014, Maplin, the electronics specialist, is about to unveil the evolution of this campaign: an omni-channel approach aimed at building on the original “Maplin Moment” theme.

The new advert builds on the success of the previous campaign, which successfully increased unprompted brand awareness from 3% to 12% after it had aired. This latest campaign aims to significantly elevate unprompted awareness further.

Dramatising moments when tech know-how is required and Maplin can offer solutions, the new campaign comprises of a rework of the existing 30 second and three new 10 second adverts.  Each concludes with the strapline, “Ask Maplin” – bringing to the forefront the role of “Maplineer” – Maplin’s highly knowledgeable in-store sales advisers, whose tech knowledge is unrivalled on the high street.

Maplin has invested a rate card advertising value of £1.9m on the campaign with more spent on production. The campaign kicks off on Sunday 3 May and will run until Sunday 31 May, featuring on 96 channels including ITV, Channel 4 and 5, as well as on Freeview, digital and Sky channels. It will also be aired for the first time in the Republic of Ireland, as well as 4 On Demand, Demand 5 and Sky AdSmart. Exclusive extra online footage of ‘what the cat got up to’ will be pushed out through Facebook and Twitter.

Created by Iris, with adconnection handling media planning and buying, the 30 second ad reintroduces its central character, who observes several everyday moments when people’s tech know-how runs dry, but are “rescued” by Maplin’s array of problem solving products. Its strapline, “Ask Maplin,” highlights the Maplineers – not just the products – as part of its strategy to showcase the company’s superior expertise and customer service.

The three 10 second ads reinforce the “Ask Maplin” theme, using quirky, humorous scenarios which illustrate how simple tech know-how can enhance our lives. These include footage of Ozzie the dog, who is observed balancing on a rope by a man sitting on a park bench.  The man attempts to capture the surreal moment on his smartphone, but realises to his disappointment that his battery has just died.  The “Maplin Moment” is solved in this case with a simple to use mobile power bank.

The advert is available to watch here: http://www.maplin.co.uk/ask-maplin-power-bank

Henry Swift, marketing director for Maplin, said: “Maplin’s first national TV campaign demonstrated to us the potential power of broadcast in reaching customers. As well as increasing brand awareness, online and in-store sales have continued to rise following the campaign.

“The new campaign reinforces our key USP – our Maplineers – the colleagues who work in-store and who provide an unrivalled knowledge and service to customers. As well as progressing organically from our first campaign, it amplifies our message, using humorous situations to reinforce our ability to help people solve everyday problems through the use of technology, which is important – especially for those who aren’t familiar with our brand.

“This campaign represents further significant investment in bringing the Maplin brand to life to a wider audience. We believe this is a winning strategy going forward and will help us differentiate ourselves in this highly competitive market.”

The TV campaign will be supported by Havas PR UK and also through the retailer’s stores and social profiles.

NetBooster UK will be aligning the TV activities with Paid Search by promoting related Ad Copy on Google, Bing and YouTube. Adconnection will be aligning TV activities with a programme of harmonised social media activity to amplify the impact of the TV campaign.