Elizabeth Shaw redesigns range ahead of Christmas 2016


Luxury chocolate brand, Elizabeth Shaw is extending its festive offering with the launch of four new products; Dark Mint Creams, Orange Crisps, Salted Caramel Crisps and the Merry Christmas Mini Gifts. The new additions to the range will feature the newly re-vamped packaging, specially designed to stand out on shelf and offer a more premium gifting feel. The new packs are available now and retail from £2.59 – £3.99.

Kicking off the brand redesign is the trademark Crisp range. With Orange Crisp and Salted Caramel Crisp joining the already successful range and bringing welcome innovation to the category. The new packaging will feature a pearl varnish finish, giving a metallic sheen to the packs. Gold foil has also been used to amplify the logo and overall shelf presence.

Specifically designed for luxurious seasonal gifting, the Merry Christmas Mini Gifts feature a gift tag and satin bow and contain a combination of mini flutes and chocolate bites with 100% natural toppings.The range is available in three different flavours, Dark Mint Flutes & Dark Mint Bites, Dark Orange Flutes & Milk Orange Bites, and Milk Amaretto Flutes & Milk Almond Bites.

Dark Mint Creams are new to retail following their success in the catering sector. The dark chocolates contain 54% cocoa solids and are filled with soft mint cream, infused with specially selected mint oil. The after dinner mints come individually wrapped, presented in a hexagonal tumble pack, designed to appeal to those looking for a token gift or post dinner treat.

Hayley Coggins, marketing manager of Elizabeth Shaw, said: “Our new packaging designs feature brighter, bolder colours creating a premium and more sophisticated look and feel. With the aim to increase stand out shelf presence, the redesign has been rolled out across all our existing and new products. The new launches are a welcome addition to the Elizabeth Shaw family, making wonderful gifts all year round and especially during the festive season.”

Elizabeth Shaw’s Merry Christmas Mini Gifts is available from independents with a RRP of £2.59. The Orange Crisp is available from Tesco, Asda and independents with a RRP of £3.99. The Salted Caramel Crisp is available from independents with a RRP of £3.99 and the Dark Mint Creams is available from independents with a RRP of £3.49.