Ella’s Kitchen launches campaign to raise awareness of benefits of starting weaning with vegetables


Leading kids’ food brand, Ella’s Kitchen, has launched a pioneering NEW multi-channel campaign – Veg for Victory – aiming to raise awareness of the benefits of starting weaning with veg and inspire families to try this approach.

The Veg for Victory campaign is an important milestone in the delivery of Ella’s Kitchen’s mission to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food.

Ella’s Kitchen commissioned the British Nutrition Foundation (BNF) to conduct an independent literature review to identify evidence-based ways to help children develop healthy eating habits. The first output of this work is BNF’s peer-reviewed paper ‘Complementary Feeding: vegetables first, frequently and in variety’, which has been published in the June issue of Nutrition Bulletin*.

The findings from the literature review highlight that introducing a variety of vegetables during the early stages of weaning is associated with increased acceptance of these foods during the weaning period and into later childhood.

To spread the word far and wide, Ella’s Kitchen will be engaging with key stakeholders including healthcare professionals, nutrition experts + MPs to raise awareness of the importance of starting weaning with veg and ensure the availability of evidence-based guidance for HCPs + consumers.


To inspire + educate mums + dads all about starting weaning with veg, Ella’s is introducing its teeny weeny ‘spokesbaby’ – Sir Weanston Churchill.  Famous for his ability to unite a nation behind a cause and for his inspiring + galvanising speeches (plus, don’t all babies look a bit like Winston Churchill?) – Sir Weanston will be rallying the nation to try veg first, frequently + in variety.

Mark Cuddigan, Ella’s Kitchen UK managing director, said: “Sir Winston Churchill was known for his inspirational leadership and we hope this campaign captures his spirit + inspires mums + dads on the benefits of starting weaning with vegetables,  whilst also putting a smile on their faces.”

The campaign will be supported at ellaskitchen.co.uk by film content featuring Sir Weanston himself; rallying posters; recipes + a downloadable veg planner to help mums + dads get started.

Cuddigan, continues: “We are a business that puts social responsibility at its heart, our mission is to improve children’s lives through developing healthy relationships with food. We want Veg for Victory to galvanise the nation and inspire mums + dads about why starting weaning with veg is the best start for tiny tummies.

“We know that introducing a variety of veg during weaning helps steer little ones towards a taste for vegetables which stays with them throughout childhood and beyond, with all the associated health benefits.

“This is one of the most ambitious and pioneering campaigns we’ve ever launched and we really hope that other brands, retailers, health organisations and experts will join us in our mission and help spread the message about the benefits of starting weaning with veg.”