Ellie Goulding’s SERVED hard seltzer partners with Darwin & Wallace and Ecologi for Earth Day

To demonstrate its support and help raise awareness for environmental protection, Ellie Goulding’s SERVED hard seltzer has partnered with sustainable bar group Darwin & Wallace and Ecologi to plant trees this Earth Day. 

The initiative, which will run from Earth Day on 22nd April to 31st May, will see a tree planted for every SERVED hard seltzer sold in Darwin & Wallace over the period. 

Ecologi, who are SERVED’s partner for high-quality carbon offsetting, will be matching the number of ‘Darwin & Wallace Trees’ planted over this period to maximise the impact of the campaign.   

Dean Ginsberg, co-founder of SERVED, comments: “We are excited to be joining forces with two great businesses that are built on principles of sustainability, and to help make an impact through reforestation and coastal wetland restoration. As a business we have a responsibility to lead by example and we are extremely proud to have offset more than 50 tonnes CO2e and planted over 1,600 trees in the last 12-months.”

Talking about the partnership, Linda Adams, head of partnerships at Ecologi, said: “We are really excited to partner with two brands that have sustainability at the heart of their businesses and look forward to seeing the impact that we can make together. We hope that this partnership will inspire other businesses to play their part in this collective effort to combat climate change.” 

Jessica Closs, Brand Manager, Darwin & Wallace: “Great tasting, great looking and flavoured with wonky fruit that would otherwise go to waste, we love SERVED. We are delighted to partner with two fantastic brands, in addition to the fantastic credentials of Served we get the opportunity not only to raise awareness but plant a Darwin & Wallace Forest.”

Reforestation and coastal wetland restoration

The ‘Darwin & Wallace Trees’ will be planted across various planting sites in Kenya, Madagascar, Mozambique, and Uganda. 

Forest restoration in Kenya’s Mau Region includes the planting of a wide variety of native species, as well as fruit-bearing trees such as avocado, lemon and papaya trees. Forest Gardens are planted in Uganda’s Mount Elgon region where local farmers are supported and trained to establish and look after their Forest Gardens over a period of 4 years. Coastal wetland restoration in Mozambique and Madagascar focuses on mangrove planting to combat the ongoing degradation of mangrove forests. 

Mangroves are a small, coastal tree species that occur in the tropics and subtropics, and are particularly proficient at absorbing carbon and storing it in their extensive underground root systems. Individual mangrove trees absorb around 0.3 tonnes of carbon dioxide over a 25-year lifespan – making them crucial carbon sinks. They also provide habitats for a wide range of marine ecosystems and contribute vital protection from coastal floods and storms for local communities and surrounding wildlife. 

Ecologi’s reforestation and restoration projects are all community-driven. Working directly with local communities to establish planting sites and planting strategies ensures that communities and their future generations feel a sense of commitment and they build a genuine relationship with their environment. By employing local community members to plant trees, the need to cut down these areas is eliminated and this allows the community to focus on restoring their environment while still being able to earn a liveable wage. Over time, the impact of the restored land continues to increase as fisheries improve, water tables replenish, and biodiversity returns.