Emarsys and Return Path announce global partnership and 22% increase in engagement for Radley

Emarsys, the largest independent marketing platform company in the world and Return Path, the leading global provider of email data solutions, are pairing up to enable marketers to reach more subscribers and increase conversions by helping to increase inbox placement.  With email being the number-one digital channel for delivering marketing revenue and the foundation for omnichannel excellence, the partnership allows Return Path’s inbox placement and reputation data to power the Emarsys Deliverability Advisor Solution and provide enhanced deliverability insight. Also, being announced is a significant joint client win with luxury handbag manufacturer, Radley, for whom the partners have increased email deliverability and customer engagement by 22%.

The partnership with Return Path enables Emarsys to help its clients improve their inbox placement by offering Return Path’s Certification and other services as listed on the Emarsys Enhance Marketplace. For those companies wishing to achieve successful omnichannel marketing campaigns, the first step for any marketer is to conquer the most important channel – email, where one of out of five messages fails to reach the inbox. That’s a loss of 20 percent of potential revenue.

“Adding value to every email communication is high on every marketer’s agenda,” said Dave Littlechild, global head of partnerships and alliances at Emarsys. “Thanks to our partnership with Return Path, marketers can provide recipients with an engaging email experience, meaning increased inbox placement, open rates and, ultimately, revenues.”

Joint customer, Radley – the luxury handbag manufacturer, significantly increased email deliverability and engagement by 22% during their Black Friday marketing campaign. This proved an essential enhancement during this critical period, as retailers fight for customer engagement in a crowded space. Prior to engaging with Return Path and Emarsys, Radley faced issues with open rates on their customer campaigns and suffered low engagement rates over their shared IP pool. Radley also saw the direct benefit, once they engaged with Emarsys and Return Path, to Black Friday sales reminder email campaigns, which saw 28% uplift on open rates.

“Understanding who our customers are, and how they want to be engaged with, all starts with an effective email strategy,” said Kieran Walker, senior digital marketing manager, Radley. “For us to be efficient with our marketing spend and win these seasonal sales peaks we need to maximize every single communication on this channel. With Emarsys and Return Path we saw an immediate impact, with increased deliverability during a critical period. We can now use these insights to power more engagement across channels.”

“We’re thrilled that Emarsys’ clients are now able to take advantage of our Certification program to optimize their email deliverability,” said Ken Takahashi, senior VP for corporate development at Return Path. “In fact, we’re already starting to get good feedback from marketers who are seeing results from Certification, including increased inbox placement and better subscriber engagement, allowing them to reach more subscribers and increase revenue.”

Through the Return Path and Emarsys partnership, customers can benefit from the following enhancements:

  • Improved inbox placement with mailbox providers around the world through the only universally accepted program of its kind.
  • Receiving accurate and comprehensive information on inbox placement.
  • Understanding metrics that mailbox providers use to evaluate email and, more importantly, how email programmes compare.
  • Knowing which platforms subscribers are using, their geolocation, and time spent reading emails, so users can design and optimize emails for subscribers.
  • Gaining data-driven insights that include not only user’s our own engagement metrics, but also show how customers are engaging with competitors’ offers.
  • Making sure emails look flawless across all devices, email clients, and browsers by instantly previewing messages and receiving guidance on how to fix issues.

Emarsys manages over 350 million daily interactions while analyzing 3.5 billion consumer records and 2.5 million purchase events, integrating customer intelligence, personalization, predictive recommendations and omni-channel marketing at scale, across all devices and social channels into a single cloud-based marketing platform.