Eminem attracts 10m Facebook fans


Eminem has surpassed 10m fans on Facebook, according to Famecount.

He becomes only the second living musician to have done so – behind Lady Gaga – who now boasts more than 15 million Facebook fans.

So far four musicians/groups have made it passed the 10m worldwide Facebook fan mark, and it is an elite group. Deceased musician Michael Jackson leads the charge with 18.3m fans, followed by Lady Gaga (15.3m) and Linkin Park (10.3m).

Lil Wayne currently leads the ‘best of the rest’ with a total of 9.7m fans.

The ranking represents a return to the top of the industry for the reformed star, who confesses in the first single from his most recent album Recovery his previous album, Relapse, represented less than his best work.

“Eminem’s base of over 10m Facebook fans is currently growing four times as fast as the global Facebook average, according to social media monitoring tool Famecount.com,” said Jamie Gavin, founder and senior digital media analyst at Jay-G Media. “This makes him one of the fastest growing Facebook entities in the world. Additionally, the star’s online fan base of 1.3m Twitter followers and 158,000 YouTube channel subscribers make him the 16th most famous social media entity anywhere in the world on an aggregated basis.”

With his latest single, Love the Way You Lie – a collaboration with fellow Facebook top 10 ranked music star Rhianna – sitting at the top of the US singles chart, Eminem’s online popularity looks set to grow even further as he appeals to a whole new generation of music fans, said Gavin.