Emma Bridgewater reveals growth in China thanks to Alibaba launch in 2019

Emma Bridgewater launched on the Tmall platform in 2019 as part of an international strategic growth plan. Sales have reached 10% more than the forecasted figures for this financial year, and there has been 49% growth compared to 2020. More than 20,000 mugs have been sold in China so far.

The success is due to several factors including strategic partnerships with TP Magic Panda based in China who handle the Tmall Marketplace store, as well as Hylink Digital solutions (UK) who deliver targeted brand outreach.

In just two years, Emma Bridgewater has grown its brand awareness within the Chinese market, reaching 165,000 followers on Tmall Marketplace and 35,700 followers across Chinese social platforms. Pottery in the brand’s recognisable Polka Dot and Pink Hearts patterns were featured on season 7 of the television program Go Fridge, reaching more than 768 million viewers. Emma Bridgewater items were enjoyed by celebrities such as Jackson Wang (30,000,000 followers) and Shuxin Yu (15,800,000 followers). Emma Bridgewater is also working closely with Chinese key opinion leaders (KOLS) with more than 81 partners to date including Amanda’s Taste, resulting in total exposure to over 41 million viewers.

Emma Bridgewater continues to adapt to the Chinese market, expanding its product offering and recently moving key product lines to a bonded warehouse in China to improve customer experience. Personalised items which are hand-painted in the Emma Bridgewater factory in England are now available to the Chinese customer, accounting for 10% of the sales in the territory. The company delivers unique marketing campaigns exclusively crafted for the Chinese market with 11/11 for example, which delivered strong results with an increase of 83% versus the previous year, and 27% more than the forecasted sales.

Ntola Obazee, trading director at Emma Bridgewater, says: “We could not be more thrilled with the sales figures and forecasts in China. This is a big priority for the business, and we are so pleased to see Chinese customers filling their homes with Emma Bridgewater.”