EmpathyBroker helps to speed up customer journey and retailer efficiency with new product launches


E-commerce search and discovery experts EmpathyBroker has announced the launch of two new products to help retailers enhance and improve their online customer experience, while also going a step further in terms of the automatisation and accuracy of their product catalogues.

‘Imaginize’ uses the latest in-house image recognition technology to identify and recognise products using both their colour and their form. This allows items to then be automatically classified and tagged, saving retailers time and effort while improving accuracy and findability (the metrics used to recognise how easily and quickly customers are able to find what they’re looking for).

The product has been developed to meet the growing needs of, and demands facing, the online retail industry. It’s based on years of experience working with retailers analysing and understanding how users interact with catalogues, how they look for different types of clothing and the queries they use to define and label products. Imaginize helps consumers find and discover products more easily and joyfully, enhancing their digital experience and the customer journey.

Additionally, EmpathyBroker has launched ‘EmpathyContext’, a product that provides retailers with greater personalisation through understanding a user’s context and intent, and providing them with query results that align to their individual needs. The technology analyses information gathered from each consented query, click and purchase which is then collected, processed and transformed into insightful consumer behaviour data. These insights generate highly relevant, unique and contextualised results while also creating dynamic and intuitive digital experiences.

“At a time when consumers are increasingly looking to purchase online, retailers and brands need to ensure their customers can not only find the products they’re looking for from a list of thousands but also ensure they have an enjoyable experience in the process,” said Angel Maldonado, Founder of EmpathyBroker. “We’re continually looking to innovate and support our retail customers and Imaginize and EmpathyContext have been developed to do just that by improving efficiency and accuracy while enhancing the customer experience to make it an exciting, fruitful and joyful one.”