Endotzi – from the Mexican highlands to Europe via MexImport

MexImport, the specialist importer and distributor of quality Mexican food and drink, is making Endotzi premium gourmet oyster mushrooms and corn truffle products available to European retailers.

Endotzi was founded by Mariano Jacinto in 2002. Mariano’s vision was to cultivate oyster mushrooms and Mexican corn truffles, known as huitlacoche, while serving his local community and protecting its farmlands from the ravages of mass producers. By using sustainable farming methods, Endotzi creates high quality products from fresh ingredients, which offer the rich flavours of Mexico.

Endotzi products available through MexImport include:

  • oyster mushrooms with chipotle
  • oyster mushroom with jalapeño
  • corn truffles (huitlacoche)

Production of Endotzi products has increased 200 per cent annually since the company’s launch. In 2006 Endotzi started to export, supplying restaurants and specialty food businesses throughout the USA.

When Mariano met MexImport CEO, Katya Torres de la Rocha, at the SIAL trade show in Paris, the pair’s mutual love of Mexico, sustainability and job creation was evident. Katya said: “I am truly impressed with what Endotzi has achieved. The flavours and quality of Endotzi are extraordinary and I’m convinced the European marketplace is ready for them.”

Being part of the Otomi ethnic group, which inhabits the economically marginalised highlands of central Mexico, Mariano was eligible for Mexican government support. The government’s programmes taught him how to develop crops but, due to the rareness of oyster mushrooms and corn truffle, Mariano also sought advice and technical help from experts beyond Mexico before establishing Endotzi.

Today, the company’s 13-hectare site comprises laboratories, greenhouses and a bottling area.

Incredibly delicate and sensitive to temperatures, oyster mushrooms need precise care and hygiene. Endotzi’s laboratories are specifically engineered for this purpose. The impressive installations recently won the Best Food Lab in Latin America award from Conacyt, Mexico’s most highly regarded science and technology organisation.

Through Endotzi, Mariano has created jobs in the community and improved work methods. He offers fair trade prices for farmers and tutors young people about working in the food industry.

MexImport’s full product range includes sauces, marinades, alcoholic and non-alcoholic beverages, herbs and spices, cooking oils and agave. The company distributes directly to delicatessens, farm shops and market-leading multiples in the UK and Europe.