English Tea Shop launches new tea tasting notes


Leading organic speciality tea company English Tea Shop is announcing the roll out of a tea tasting quadrant aimed at creating the first of its kind multi-sensory experience for consumers globally.

Following a holistic rebrand earlier in the year which strengthened the sustainability and community message of English Tea Shop’s heritage, the tea company is now revamping the way we drink tea through a revolutionary tasting quadrant.

Whilst such framework has been adopted in the wine industry since the 14th Century, the hot beverages sector has been slow to keep up. English Tea Shop’s latest innovation is bridging this gap, through encouraging consumers to discover the story behind the blends and its ingredients, ultimately stimulating the senses. Such process will transform tea drinking into a multi-sensory experience, not just a ‘quick cuppa’.

Developed by a team of master blenders, the quadrant is packed with expert knowledge to guide consumers and partners on their tea drinking journey, with all the information needed to choose the perfect tea blend for any occasion.

The framework explores the complexities of the blending process, visualising it in a clear and stimulating way across the three categories of blends: Core, Wellness and Super. The Core range includes popular teas such as English Breakfast, Darjeeling and Chamomile and uses identifiers such as Intensity, Body, Sweetness and Smoothness to determine the right blend based on preferences.

The wellness range carries blends which use distinctive botanical, spice and floral ingredients. The range focuses on health, self-improvement and the ‘me’ time that a cup of tea should bring. Whilst the Super blends range comes packed with ‘mighty matcha’ and ‘ceylon cinnamon’ teas which boast punchy flavours and fragrant combinations.

Suranga Herath, CEO, English Tea Shop, explains: “The tea industry has gone through profound changes over the last decade, there are thousands of unique blends out there catering to individual needs and preferences. At English Tea Shop we believe you don’t need to be a connoisseur to choose the perfect match. Which is why we’ve designed the Quadrant System or what we like to call the language of the leaves. We take the time to choose the wine, or aged whiskey that we are drinking. We note the taste, the smell, the fragrance, it’s time we start engaging in the same multi-sensory experience for the nation’s favourite beverage and at English Tea Shop we want to make this experience.”