EOS’s Purple Ambience range given centre stage on Boots.com

Catering to an informed community of customers who desire access to the latest in holistic health care, the adoption of CBD-infused cosmetics by Boots is symbolic of emerging trends within the cosmetics market. CBD oil is becoming increasingly popular with all UK sales increasing by 99% in 2019, according to new data.

The full product range of Purple Ambience includes:

Body wash – Water gets more refreshing with the Ambience CBD-enriched body wash.  Packed with CBD, from natural hemp extract, this shower gel will energise your mornings, hydrate your skin and recharge your sense of well-being.

Body oil – Delicately infused with our CBD supplement, Ambience body oil is a stimulating massage oil that will refresh and relax.

Intensive foot care moisturiser – Enjoy intense nourishing hydration with this foot and heel care cream from Ambience. Enriched with CBD this intense foot cream helps control dry skin in an easy to use daily formula.

Facial moisturiser – Ambience moisturiser is perfect as an every-day use face cream, that delivers premium CBD in an easy to use format.  It’s easily absorbed, light on the skin and replaces lost moisture. Your skin will feel refreshed and invigorated and your well-being gets a natural boost.

Muscle balm – Help your muscles to relax and recover with this CBD-infused muscle gel from Ambience.

Lip balm – Moisturising lip care enriched with CBD extract. Smooths, softens and replenishes dry lips. Apply a little to your lips as required for a hydrating 

Simon Manthorpe, CEO of EOS Scientific, commented on the launch: “We are thrilled to be able to partner with one of the largest high street and online players in the country. The Purple Ambience range is a balanced suite of products, designed to be incorporated into one’s existing skincare routine, nourishing the skin, and applying CBD topically.”