Estrella Damm reinforces commitment to sustainable practices to protect oceans and environment

Estrella Damm, the beer of Barcelona, is launching a new, nationwide TV and social media campaign for the UK market as it reinforces its commitment to sustainable practices to protect our oceans and environment. 

The two-month campaign, which launches on Thursday 1 October, aims to raise awareness of environmental issues and the need to act now to save our natural world and one of its greatest riches: the Mediterranean Sea. Home to Estrella Damm for more than 140 years, the Mediterranean, as well as its people and its culture, are part of the brand’s DNA. This new film shines a light on the threats human activity poses to life in the Mediterranean and the increasing severity of the situation.

The campaign includes a 70-second film titled ‘Soul’ which will run on Channel 4 and Sky Media channels, as well as digital platforms ITV Hub, All 4 and Sky Video on Demand. The television advert will be supported by a wider social media campaign across YouTube, Instagram and Facebook. 

Soul, the first act of a three-part campaign filmed in the Mediterranean, aims to sensitize viewers to the high levels of pollution found in our oceans and the wider environmental challenges facing the planet today. Featuring shots of a young woman struggling to swim among the plastic and pollution under water, the film carries a clear call to action and the message that “if we love our way of living” we should “protect what makes it possible”. The red-headed ‘mermaid’ is an allegory for the state of the ocean today and how humans mistreat it, expressed through song and modern dance.

The campaign is the latest in a series of initiatives taken by Estrella Damm towards its commitment to sustainability which include using 100% natural ingredients and working alongside local farmers. Currently, Estrella Damm is working towards replacing all plastic rings on canned packs with 100% biodegradable cardboard from sustainably and responsibly managed forests by early 2021. A move which, once implemented, will mean removing 89 million rings and 260 tonnes of plastic from its business. 

The brewer is also working continuously to reduce its impact on the environment throughout its production process, including reducing water consumption at its factories and ensuring that 100% of the electrical energy used has a green certificate to guaranteeing that all energy consumed has been provided from natural and renewable resources. Last year, Estrella Damm also repurposed 100,000 tonnes of husk and 100% of the by-product of its brewing process for use as feed for farm animals, considerably reducing waste materials.  

Anna Ferrer Magrià, UK marketing manager for Estrella Damm, explains: “The filming of Soul is a creative and technical feat which highlights Estrella Damm’s long standing commitment to minimise its footprint on the natural environment.  We hope the campaign will resonate with our consumers, who we know are increasingly concerned about environmental issues, and inspire them to take action where they can. Responsibility and sustainability are fundamental to the production of Estrella Damm which is why we already only use 100% natural and local ingredients, and why we have been taking steps to remove all plastic from our packing over the coming months.”

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