Ethical egg producer the happy egg co. launches organic, free range eggs

New organic eggs

New organic eggs

British ethical egg producer the happy egg co. is launching a new line of organic free-range eggs. happy egg Organic will be available in mixed sizes six packs and will launch in Asda on 7 April 2014 followed by Tesco and Morrisons in May.

The new organic eggs are produced by hens fed an organic diet free from GMOs, pesticides and other additives and graze on organic land. As with all happy egg hens the ‘girls’ that produce organic eggs have a full,  enriched, and happy life on farms which boast the highest possible standards of animal welfare.

All happy egg farmers producing both free range and organic free range uphold the happy egg co.’s total commitment to ensuring its birds have an unrivalled quality of life. Three of the happy egg co.’s 100 farms will produce the new organic range.

Rob Newell, head of brands at the happy egg co. said: “We already know from years of experience that happier hens lay tastier eggs and it follows that happier hens fed organically lay tastier organic eggs so this is a natural progression for our brand. We are very excited to be able to offer happy egg Organic to consumers who are looking for an organic option. The organic market has witnessed recent growth providing the perfect opportunity to extend into this area. The introduction of happy egg Organic puts us in a really strong position to take full advantage of this opportunity for the future growth of our brand.”

happy egg Organic will be available in packs of six, costing around £2.20.