European frozen cake manufacturer, Erlenbacher, tackles carbon footprint

Erlenbacher: tackling carbon footprint

Erlenbacher: tackling carbon footprint

Erlenbacher, one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of premium frozen cakes and desserts for the food service industry, reports it is working to make its business more sustainable. 

The company has teamed up with the German Centre for Sustainable Corporate Management (ZNU) of Witten-Herdecke University, to reduce carbon emissions and ensure it handles all natural resources in an ecological manner.

According to the company, it achieved significant environmental savings in 2010. Heating oil consumption was reduced by 25% and fresh water consumption plummeted by 38%. 

Erlenbacher said it plans to accelerate the decrease of consumption over the coming years. 

To significantly reduce the amount of energy used to produce Erlanbacher’s frozen products, the company has installed energy efficient washing machines, which are used to clean moulds and equipment.

And it claims to be one of the first companies in the baking industry to regulate and take control of their CO2 emissions and actively reducing the amount of greenhouse gases produced.

Equally important, Erlenbacher said it is focused on keeping all of its products natural with no added hydrogenated fats and oils, no artificial flavours, colourants or preservatives. 

“We have set extremely high standards. It’s all about safety, hygiene, avoiding risks and carrying out frequent checks; our quality management systems ensure all of the above,” said Bernhard Neumeister, Erlenbacher’s managing director.

Erlenbacher said all employees undertake training courses on industrial safety, healthcare and quality; and they must ensure they are operating sustainably. 

In addition, a sustainability manager heads and co-ordinates all relevant tasks to ensure all employees work in a sustainable manner.