Euros spark a spike in hangover-related product sales, Superdrug reports

Following England’s successful journey in the Euros so far, Superdrug has reported a spike in sales of hangover-related products such as painkillers to help treat headaches and energy tablets as England fans nursed celebratory hangovers after each game.

Following England’s historic win over Germany, Superdrug saw a 35% increase in sales of ibuprofen and 34% increase in sales of migraine tablets. After England’s convincing weekend win against Ukraine, Superdrug sales data revealed a 20% increase in energy tablets with Vitamin C. Ahead of today’s game, Superdrug is predicting another 35% increase in hangover related product sales as fans keep everything crossed that England makes the final.

Michael Henry, Superdrug Healthcare Director comments “Historically we’ve seen sales increases in hangover-related products after major sporting events however it’s been exceptional during Euros 2020. The England team’s journey throughout the Euros has given the nation a much-needed opportunity to celebrate. As an essential retailer we’re proud to support people as they enjoy living their lives.”