Everleaf, the non-alcoholic aperitif, launches into M&S with two new expressions and bottle


Everleaf, the award-winning non-alcoholic aperitif sourced sustainably from nature, launches new branding, a new bottle design and two new SKUs this winter. The new range will launch in M&S on 3rd November and be available nationwide from stores, marking the first listing with the premium retailer for the brand, as well as online via Everleaf’s website and Amazon.

To create Everleaf, botanical extracts and distillates are blended on a unique base liquid that uses plants to provide texture and mouthfeel for depth of flavour. This blend of botanicals, designed to be mixed with tonic water to create a refreshing spritz, was first introduced in January 2019 by bartender and conservation biologist Paul Mathew, and has since won several awards. Following the redesign and relaunch, the original expression will be rebranded as Everleaf Forest, while the two new SKUs will be Everleaf Mountain and Everleaf Marine, each presented with suggested serves.

Everleaf Forest: complex and bittersweet The original Everleaf; Forest is an intricate blend of 14 bittersweet botanicals including sweet orange blossom and Madagascan vanilla, bitter gentian and golden saffron, earthy vetiver, and spicy cassia bark, inspired by forest layers, from the canopy to the understory.

Suggested serve The Forest Spritz: One-part Everleaf Forest and three parts light tonic, garnished with a wedge of orange and served over ice.

Everleaf Mountain: vibrant and aromatic Mountain is an elegant blend of 12 aromatic botanicals, leading with fragrant cherry blossom, along with bittersweet rosehip, wild strawberry, sweet and spicy myrtle, juniper, and a touch of everlasting, inspired by a mountain climb, from blossom-filled woods, to fresh rocky peaks. Suggested serve The Mountain Spritz: One-part Everleaf Mountain and three parts light tonic, served with strawberry slices and ice.

Everleaf Marine: crisp and refreshing Marine is a crisp blend of 16 refreshing botanicals with a core of piney juniper and bergamot to reference gin botanicals, followed by tropical sea buckthorn, savoury dulse and kelp seaweeds, along with a hint of bitter olive leaf and intensely aromatic labdanum, inspired by sea swims before resting on the beach, surrounded by the aromas of olive and citrus groves. Suggested serve The Marine & Tonic: One-part Everleaf Marine and three parts tonic, garnished with lime slices and ice Everleaf worked with the brand design agency B&B Studio for the rebrand. They have reinvented the existing design with a new bottle shape which is more aligned with craft spirits. The label design expresses the biome which has inspired each expression in the background, whilst focusing in on a single embossed botanical to highlight Paul’s search for the perfect ingredients.

Shafts of light help deliver a sense of the evening aperitif moment, whilst the colour schemes are natural and echo the liquids within. Everleaf is the product of Paul Mathew’s background as a conservation biologist, as well as a bartender and bar owner, having opened The Hide, The Arbitrager, and Demon, Wise & Partners in London. Before launching the brand, it took more than a year of experimentation to develop Everleaf. Paul researched plants, sustainable sourcing, dehydrating samples, macerating, and extracting to get the perfect blend of complementary yet surprising flavours. He also turned to nature to recreate alcohol’s unique viscosity, finding solutions from both land and sea with plants such as acacia trees and seaweed.

It’s this unique understanding of the natural world combined with his understanding of flavours that has enabled Paul to create Everleaf – nature’s answer to the perfect non-alcoholic aperitif.