Experian Retail FootFall Index: latest shopper trends



Consumer behaviour analyst Experian has released shopper footfall data for the week commencing 18 April 2011 in the UK.

It reveals:

Retail FootFall Index – UK National Weekly:

Change for week 16 (18-24 April 2011): -8.5%

Change for week 16 year-on-year: +1.3%


Retail FootFall Index – Retail Park Index

Change for week 16 (18-24 April 2011): -3.5%

Change for week 16 year-on-year: -0.6%

Jordan Byrnes, product management & consultancy, Experian FootFall, said: “Footfall decreased by -8.5% week-on-week which is no surprise as we’re making a comparison inclusive of a ‘no shopping’ Easter Sunday this week. More importantly footfall increased by +1.3% year-on-year which is a relatively good increase with comparisons to year-to-date figures.

“The year-on-year variance for the beginning of the week through to Thursday was very strong but was inevitable as the term break this year compared to a none term break last year. Good Friday saw a drop in footfall of -4.7% year-on-year, which compared to the last three years on Good Friday is relatively strong.

“It seems the warm weather may have lured customers out to the shopping centers and broke a trend in Good Friday shopper patterns.

“Saturday was down year-on-year too with a -3.0% drop while Easter Sunday showed a huge fall as expected with shop closures.

“With the shop closures in mind on Easter Sunday, the full weekly year-on-year increase of +1.3% is relatively strong and perhaps inflated with the good spell of weather experienced across much of the UK.

“There were some strong increases year-on-year in some regions, with the likes of the South West and Wales seeing footfall rise +6.7%, Yorkshire/Humber +6.1%, West Midlands +5.4% and the South East +4.6%.

“Other regions suffered with London down -4.7% year-on-year, North East -1.6%, North West -1.5% and Eastern -1.0%.  Scotland was up year-on-year +1.8% and the East Midlands did just better, up +2.1%.

“The Retail Park Index dropped by -3.5% week-on-week but also fell slightly year-on-year at -0.6%.

“This is in contrast to the shopping centre’s footfall performance and perhaps indicative of shopper behaviour in the midst of a good weather period; perhaps shoppers preferring to have a day out at a shopping centre; which may prove more difficult within a Retail Park environment.”