Experian to help manage customer risk at JD Williams


Experian: JD Williams' deal

Experian, the consumer credit rating company, has signed a five-year deal with the UK home shopping company JD Williams.

According to Experian, it will help JD Williams better manage its customers, enabling it to reduce risk and maximise value.

Under the deal, Experian will provide consumer credit data to JD Williams, which will enable JD Williams to maintain a single view of each customer’s range of commitments with the company across its range of brands.

It will also be developing scorecards to ensure the data is used effectively within new credit applications and ongoing customer management and will enable JD Williams to make appropriate new customer offers.

Graham Price, head of risk at JD Williams, said: “This new agreement with Experian will ensure we have the best possible insight into the financial behaviour of each and every customer, and will enable us to adopt a more tailored approach to our interactions with our customers now and in the future.”

Nick Evans, head of customer management at Experian, said: “JD Williams is one of the first companies in the UK retail home shopping market to adopt such advanced customer management capabilities. We are confident that our range of data and analytics will enable JD Williams to achieve a significant and sustainable uplift to both sales and customer value.”