Health experts to discuss the future of electronic cigarettes at London summit


On the 12 November 2013 at the Royal Society, the UK’s medical healthcare regulatory body MHRA will participate in a ground breaking meeting with over 200 international health professionals, e-cigarette stakeholders, scientists, policymakers and public health professionals to discuss the future of Electronic Cigarettes. 

The E-cigarette Summit – Science, Regulation and Public Health is a ground breaking meeting, with  a cross section of expert speakers from globally recognised tobacco-studies experts and senior figures from health policy and health education organisations. Critically these groups have rarely met in public with stakeholders from the electronic cigarettes industry and much of the debate about e-cigarettes has happened in silos with very little real interaction. Details of the full programme can be seen here

Speakers include:

  • Deborah Arnott – director of Action on Smoking and Health
  • Jeremy Mean – group manager, medicines & standards, MHRA
  • Professor Robert West – professor of health psychology & director of tobacco studies, Cancer Research UK
  • Professor Antoine Flahault, MD, PhD – professor of Public Health, Descartes School of Medicine, Paris-Sorbonne University, France
  • Dr Jacques Le Houezec – consultant in public health, Rennes, France
  • Clive Bates – public health commentator
  • Professor Jean Francois Etter, professor of public health, University of Geneva
  • Dr Lynne Dawkins – senior lecturer, School of Psychology, University of East London
  • Dr Konstantinos Farsalinos – Onassis Cardiac Surgery Center, Greece
  • Professor Linda Bauld, professor of health policy, University of Stirling and UKCTAS

The event will be chaired by professor Ann McNeill, professor of tobacco addiction, UK Centre for Tobacco Control and Alcohol Studies, King’s College London

E-cigarettes are a relatively new phenomenon – the result of a consumer led revolution – which has grown rapidly, with sales doubling annually for the last four years. Currently there are an estimated 7m users across Europe and over 1.3m in the UK alone, but the issue of how to regulate e-cigarettes continues to divide policy makers and health professionals alike. With some countries moving towards an out-right ban and others particularly the UK looking to regulate e-cigarettes as medical products; the future is far from clear. So are e-cigarettes a backward step in the fight against smoking or the single greatest transformative public health phenomenon? 

The E-Cigarette Summit will provide a unique opportunity for scientists, policymakers, public health professionals and e-cigarette stakeholders to come together and debate the future of e-cigarettes in context of health, efficacy and regulation.  

Amanda Strange, director, Smooth Events, said: “We have worked extremely hard to ensure that the programme represents a broad spectrum of debates and discussions from highly regarded and independent scientists, medical practitioners/researchers and public health professionals and we’re delighted to have secured the leading international experts in this field both as speakers and attendees. There is a lot of controversy, emotion and confusion around electronic cigarettes and The E-Cigarette Summit is a vital event which will provide evidence-based research and open debate to help explore the facts and myths surrounding e-cigarettes and examine some of the more contentious issues; particularly, safety, efficacy, gateway potential and the impact of medical regulation”  

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