Exquisite Handmade Cakes unveils Christmas cakes for festive foodservice trade

Cranberry and orange mini loaf

Cranberry and orange mini loaf

Exquisite Handmade Cakes has launched a range of Christmas cakes for coffee shop, pub and hotel owners to offer to their festive clientele over this winter season.

The new range includes; Rich Brandy Fruit and Iced Brandy Fruit loaf cakes; Rum Truffle and Spiced Apple and Caramel sponge cakes; a Triple Layer Black Forestgateau; Mincemeat Shortbread, Brandied Chocolate Tiffin and Cranberry Brownie tray bakes; Cranberry and Orange and Spiced Apple mini loaves; a Mince Meat Tulip Muffin; and a yuletide Iced Christmas Cake slice. All are finished by hand with exquisite decorations, including royal icing, opulent chocolate and sugar frosting.

Blackforest gateau

Blackforest gateau

The Christmas 2013 Exquisite Handmade Cakes range includes:

 Loaf Cakes

  • Rich Brandy Fruit Loaf Cake: this loaf is brandy infused and made from moist, plump and juicy fruit. The cake is available in single units, with each one serving 12 portions.
  • Iced Brandy Fruit Loaf Cake: a decadent twist on the traditional and classic favourite is the Iced Brandy Fruit Loaf. Crafted from moist and brandied rich and luscious fruit, this cake is finished with almond marzipan and royal white icing. Each boxed cake serves 12-14 portions.


  • Rum Truffle Sponge Cake: this rich chocolate cake base has been infused with rum, then decorated with a lavish chocolate truffle icing. On top of the cake, delicate hand-spun white and dark chocolate finishes the product. The cake can be bought in single units and when cut serves approximately 14-16 portions.
  • Spiced Apple & Caramel Sponge Cake: this is a delicate and lightly spiced apple sponge. It is decorated with tangy apricot jam and a deluxe caramel icing. Each cake will serve 14-16 portions.


  • Triple Layer Black Forest Gateau: a take on the classic favourite. This triple-layer chocolate sponge cake has a black cherry and vanilla cream filling and is finished with dark chocolate decorations and cherries. Each gateau can be bought separately and when cut serves 14-16.
Brandied chocolate tiffin

Brandied chocolate tiffin

Tray Bakes

  • Mincemeat Shortbread Tray Bake: this tray bake is made from two layers of light and crumbly shortbread, filled with a fruity festive mincemeat filling. Four tray bakes come in a box, with each one serving 15 portions. 
  • Brandied Chocolate Tiffin Tray Bake: a chocolate tiffin, packed full of cranberries, raisins and hazelnuts, and finished with a fine and decoratively spun dark chocolate. the tiffin is available in trays of 15 units, and packed into a box containing four trays. 
  • Cranberry Brownie Tray Bake: this chocolate brownie is made with cranberries. Finished with a layer of caramel, it is a real festive treat. Each brownie comes in a tray of 15 portions and is packaged in boxes of four trays.

Mini Loaves

Spiced apple mini loaf

Spiced apple mini loaf

  • Cranberry & Orange Mini Loaf: this mini loaf is a moist orange infused sponge, complete with juicy cranberries. Each loaf is individually flow wrapped and comes in a box of 20 units. 
  • Spiced Apple Mini Loaf: this mini loaf is a moist cinnamon infused sponge, permeated with dried apple pieces. The mini loaves are available in boxes of 20 and are individually wrapped.


  • Iced Christmas Cake Slice: this fruit cake square has been infused with brandy. It is topped with almond marzipan and finished with a sparkling royal white icing. The cakes come in boxes of 30 squares and are packaged in individual pretty cellophane sleeves.


  • Mince Meat Tulip Muffin: this festive spiced muffin is made with yuletide mincemeat. This product is available in a frozen format, is presented in a pretty tulip muffin case and comes in a 15 unit box.

Created by hand by Exquisite Handmade Cakes craft bakers, all cakes are said to be made to traditional recipes with a modern twist from the finest quality ingredients.