Fairbanks launches new website to help customers better manage fuel stocks



Fairbanks, an industry leader in world class wetstock management, has launched a new website, fairbanksglobal.com.

The new website is claimed to be completely customer focused, enabling new and existing customers to access useful resources, articles and guides on everything from legal environmental compliance to top tips on how to manage your valuable fuel stock successfully. Users will be able to watch current customer testimonials and informative company films based on the market size they operate in. 

One of the many innovative new features of the website includes a responsive design capability, which adjusts the content displayed to fit any screen size for optimum viewing. Customers will still be able to access all of the useful management reports and services that Fairbanks offers by logging into their secure accounts. The site went live on the 1 July 2013 and will continue to be developed into multiple languages, the company said.

Gareth Jenkins, business account manager, said: “We know our customers are very busy people, so our wetstock management service is designed around making their lives easier, ensuring their business is run as efficiently as possible. When designing the website it was essential for it to directly reflect this ethos. Using a design which is responsive means our customers can access information on the latest products and services as well as seeing ‘live’ stock levels and tank gauge alerts whilst on the move, giving them 24/7 visibility of their wetstock data, wherever they are.”

Bob Conlin, managing director, said: “After 18 years of growing Fairbanks and raising standards of wetstock control, the feedback about SIR (Statistical Inventory Reconciliation) analysis and real-time data is that it is still something of an enigma. I am really pleased that this new website is a ‘shop window’ which can help forecourt retailers around the world better understand how third party wetstock management can improve their business. We want to remove the mystery surrounding SIR and allow retailers to have visibility of their wetstock and improve the efficiency of their business. The initial reaction to the new look has been very positive, but don’t just take my word for it, please visit fairbanksglobal.com and see for yourself.”