Fairbanks provides fuel retailers with live data via customer web portal on new site

Fairbanks: new customer web portal

Fairbanks: new customer web portal

Fairbanks, an industry leader in world class wetstock management, is pleased to announce the successful launch of its new website this summer, fairbanksglobal.com 

A key feature of the website is an innovative customer web portal.

Gareth Jenkins, business account manager, said: “The Fairbanks web portal allows customers to view ‘live’ sales, stock levels and delivery data 24/7, wherever they are and on any device. It can also be set up to send real-time tank gauge alarms directly to the site manager, so our customers can rest assured that they will be informed of any issues on site straight away.”

Fairbanks’ web portal is adaptable to suit the individual’s needs; sites can be viewed individually or as a group displaying all sites in a network simultaneously, equipping site managers with the tools to effectively run their businesses.

Further to this, Fairbanks provides every customer with a range of web-based management reports that promise to increase their visibility and overall control of their business. All of the reports and tools have been, and continue to be, developed specially in reaction to Fairbanks customers’ needs, so the customer can be sure to find a report to suit them.

Key features of the web portal:

  • A secure web account for site and area managers that can be accessed through Fairbanksglobal.com
  • Customers’ accounts are connected to Fairbanks’ data analysis software so that all data is clean and accurate 
  • Users can choose from a variety of reports on their online account including Daily Reconciliation, Period Summaries, Stock Out, Average Stock and Pump Use Reports
  • Customers can also view a wide range of graphs and charts representing the data for their sites

To get a quote or more information on this or any other service, please contact the Fairbanks team on +44 (0)1695 51775 or email enquiries@Fairbanks.co.uk, or alternatively visit the company’s website, fairbanksglobal.com.