Fairbanks supplies new service package to Morrisons’ forecourts nationwide


Fairbanks has launched a service which gives their customers a fuel tank gauge monitoring and maintenance service all in one.

The company made the announcement as part of its renewed wetstock management contract for all of Morrison’s forecourts. This new three-year agreement with the supermarket covers its nationwide network of 314 forecourts and 11 regional distribution centres and means the continuation of the relationship between Morrisons and Fairbanks, which has been providing services to the supermarket chain since 2008.

ATG monitoring and maintenance

To help Morrison’s increase efficiencies and significantly reduce site downtime Fairbanks has agreed to both monitor Morrisons’ Automatic Tank Gauges (ATG) remotely and oversee a variety of maintenance and repair procedures through its partner company Tokheim. 

Fairbanks’ director of UK Operations, Michelle King said “As the needs of our customers, such as Morrisons, continue to change as their businesses grow we must develop with them. Growing our services to meet the needs of our customers and stay at the very top of our industry. By taking on ATG monitoring for Morrisons we have really demonstrated the versatility of our services to the industry.”

The partnership grows

In addition to ATG maintenance, the extension of the existing contract means Fairbanks will also continue to supply Morrisons with their wide array of pre-existing wetstock management and loss prevention services, these include real-time wetstock monitoring, recalibrations and pump meter audits. Fairbanks first began working with Morrisons back in 2008 completing DSEAR risk assessments and since then the supermarket retailer has seen the added value that Fairbanks can add to their business through intelligent real-time data.

Morrisons’ forecourt operations manager, Ahmed Mulla, was keen to highlight the benefits of working with Fairbanks. He said: “Fairbanks services are vital to our fuel operation, ensuring wetstock integrity and DSEAR compliance delivered through a very committed and professional team.”

King said: “When we first started working with Morrisons we were simply providing them with a DSEAR programme but through demonstrating our hard work, commitment and professional customer focussed service over the last four years we have developed our relationship into something much more complete, taking the pressures of wetstock management away from their forecourts so they concentrate on the retail end of the business.”

Fairbanks said this new wetstock monitoring contract comes during an exciting period of growth for the company as it continues to build its reputation in the UK & Ireland while expanding its service oversees. The company currently provides services to over 8,000 forecourts in 34 countries.