Fairbanks and Tokheim announce fuel pricing and wetstock solutions partnership with IIS

Fairbanks: fuel pricing partnership

Fairbanks: fuel pricing partnership

Fairbanks, a global provider of wetstock management solutions, and Tokheim, a leading supplier of fuel retail solutions, have entered into a partnership with Inform Information Systems (IIS), a global provider of fuels pricing software solutions. The collaboration is intended to deepen integration between the respective software packages, leverage the collective experience of delivering solutions on a global scale to a changing fuels marketplace and provide world-class value to fuel retail customers.

Collectively, Fairbanks and Tokheim aim to offer customers a complete fuel retailing solution, for which an alignment of smart fuels pricing with wetstock management is a key component of that vision. Fairbanks and IIS are currently working together to provide their services to a number of the Top 10 fuel retailers in the UK. These service stations are already experiencing tangible benefits by improving their margins and controlling their wetstock performance.

Bob Conlin, joint managing director of Fairbanks, said: “We have seen the positive reaction of customers to the IIS FuelsPricing.com product and we believe integrating its capability with the real-time data that Fairbanks collects, along with market data will give fuel retailers the information they need to manage their business. Both IIS and Fairbanks have 20 years or more experience in their respective fields and already I can see benefit to the partnership.”

Baudouin de la Tour, CEO of Tokheim, said: “The synergies between Fairbanks and IIS are clear and I think the combination of the experience, knowledge and solutions can produce what customers need to compete in a changing market place. This partnership can help us deliver our vision for clients.”

Mark Scanlon, managing director of IIS, says: “Some years ago we built a large bespoke wetstock solution for one of our global multinational customers servicing countries across all continents, so we understand the complexity of this area. Following an in-depth review of the Fairbanks service I recognise that it represents the best in class wetstock management solution delivering rapid return on investment. I believe the partnership will be beneficial to all of our customers and look forward to working more closely to build on the current success.”