Fairtrade sales top £1.17bn in UK in 2010

Fairtrade: Show off your Label campaign

Fairtrade: Show off your Label campaign

Fairtrade sales increased to £1.17bn in 2010, up from £836m in 2009, according to the latest estimates from the Fairtrade Foundation released during Fairtrade Fortnight (28 February to 13 March 2011).

UK shoppers are continuing to embrace Fairtrade, which is showing no downturn on ethical values, despite the tough economic times, it says.

To celebrate the latest sales record, performers showed off the Fairtrade label in a central London shop window, embracing the campaign’s ‘Show off your label’ initiative.

New figures reveal last year UK consumers drank 9.3m cups of Fairtrade tea, 6.4m cups of Fairtrade coffee and 530,000 cups of Fairtrade drinking chocolate; ate 2.3m chocolate bars and 3.1m Fairtrade bananas.

New categories are also growing, with over 1m cosmetic products using Fairtrade ingredients sold in 2010.

According to the Fairtrade Foundation, 12,000 events will be held over the next 14 days and the Fairtrade movement is going viral with a two-week Facebook game facebook.com/FairtradeFoundation.