Farrow & Ball launches e-commerce site

British wallpapers and paint manufacturer, Farrow & Ball, has launched a new e-commerce web site in conjunction with BT’s retail specialist e-commerce division, BT Fresca.

Farrow & Ball is renowned for its traditionally-made range of premium paint and wallpaper. The company’s products are sold in more than 60 countries around the world and it required a platform to handle multiple currencies, a range of delivery options varying by region, product availability that also varies by region and availability in languages other than English. Compatibility with current supply chain and other software was also important.

The company also required the ability to offer customer advice, such as what finishes to choose, what product to use on a particular surface, as well as inspirational colour advice. The company also needed to guide customers to its nearest Farrow & Ball showrooms and stockists, depending on where they live.

With these factors in mind Farrow & Ball decided to go with BT Fresca’s e-commerce platform. Farrow & Ball was confident the platform was extremely flexible so that it could easily cope with current and future requirements. The company was also keen to work with a business that was financially secure, with a strong and valued brand.

Sarah Cole, director at Farrow & Ball, said: “When we came to looking at how we were going to develop our online business, which has some complex and diverse requirements over the markets in which we operate, we found that FrescaCommerce was perfect for what we wanted to achieve. BT Fresca’s capability and experience in online commerce has helped us to take the next step in developing our online representation globally.”

Sarah Hughes, joint managing director at BT Fresca, said: “Farrow & Ball has some exacting needs in order to serve its customers. Customers need a great deal of information when it comes to selecting decorating materials and different markets can have extremely diverse tastes and requirements.  The FrescaCommerce platform is built to handle complex online needs such as this and I am grateful to Farrow & Ball for its recognition of the work we have carried out to develop this platform”.