Fashion World boosts conversion rates on mobile with Taggstar social proof messaging

Fashion World, part of online fashion and homeware retailer N Brown Group, saw an impressive 14.6% conversion rate uplift on mobile after a refresh and focus on mobile-first using social proof messaging. With a 23.9% conversion rate uplift for consumers landing directly on the mobile product page.

N Brown Group is a long-standing customer of Taggstar and as part of the duo’s continual testing and optimisation strategy, a total refresh of messaging design, content and placement was carried out. Mike Kindon – head of website operations & configurations, states that the strategy delivered impressive results on mobile, with a 14.6% increase in conversion rates. For consumers landing directly on the mobile product page this was even higher, at 23.9% and was coupled with an 8.7% decrease in bounce rates.

Customer background

Fashion World is part of the N Brown Group, a top 10 clothing and footwear digital retailer. Fashion World focuses on the freshest fashion, delivered at good value in an inclusive range of sizes from 12 to 32, as well as selling homewares and technology – all through accessible credit options.

In addition to Fashion World, N Brown introduced social proof messaging to its brands SimplyBe, JD Williams and Jacamo back in 2016.

The challenge

Ensuring the best results for social proof messaging requires a regular refreshing of layout and messaging to optimise results. As a long-standing customer, N Brown already works closely with Taggstar to understand the latest innovations to maintain the effectiveness of its messaging.

Having seen some friction in the mobile experience for customers, Fashion World wanted to further improve the clarity and visibility of its social proof messaging, particularly on this channel. It also wanted to emphasise urgency for visitors and so better prompt them to purchase.

The solution

Fashion World tested a different message position and design on the product detail page (PDP), observing conversion rates and associated metrics such as add to bag and progression to bag rates for a period of 27 days. It also added two new message categories, including personalisation (purchased, viewed, add to bag since last visit) and added to bag.

Mike Kindon, says the results were immediate. “The experience refresh along with the additional messages helped increase the amount of social proof data available to customers, boosting purchase confidence and allowing them to make better buying decisions.”

The results

The redesign and new messaging led to an overall increase of 11.5%+ in conversion rates. But this metric was even higher for mobile-only, where conversion rates increased by 14.6%. This was preceded by a 13.1% increase in mobile add to bag rate and an 11.5% increase in progression to bag rate. Average order values increased by 2.3% for new visitors.

Results were even higher for users landing directly on the mobile product page where Fashion World witnessed a 23.9% increase in conversion rates and an 8.7% decrease in bounce rates.

In all 11 different messages were used, the personalisation messages had the greatest single impact on the conversion rate with a 16.1% uplift.

Mike Kindon, says: “The testing proved that well-designed and positioned real-time social proof messaging is particularly effective at encouraging mobile visitors, especially landing visitors, to engage with our products and proceed through the funnel to purchase. This is where Taggstar’s expertise and best practice shines through as social proof is nuanced and getting it right is hard. We were delighted with the improvements we saw to metrics such as conversion rates and bounce rates.”