Fast beauty – managing the peaks of influencer-driven demand

 By Glenn Lindfield, chief executive, Cygnia Logistics

Lindfield: managing disruption in the fast beauty category

Despite the UK’s high street continuing to face challenges such as decreased footfall, falling profits and the rising threat of online retail, the UK health and beauty sector is a long way from losing its consumer appeal.

A recent report by GlobalData predicts that the market sector will rise to £26.7bn by 2022 as it continues to out perform all other retailing sectors. 

The rapid growth of this sector is largely down to modern beauty trends such as vloggers, social media influencers and the ever-growing ‘fast beauty’ market.

Fast beauty is all about getting good quality, affordable products to markets in the shortest possible time frame in order to keep up with trends that can change at lightning speeds. Meeting demands of this nature can inevitably be quite disruptive to the beauty sector.

Meeting modern customer expectations

Responsiveness and agility are vital to meet influencer-driven demand peaks and stay ahead of the fast-moving beauty industry.

As service expectations are heightened and new products are created and launched faster than ever before, long-standing beauty retailers need to provide innovative supply chain solutions in order to compete effectively and serve modern customer expectations. 

The influx of fast beauty players such as Be for Beauty and ColourPop make this need for innovation all the more urgent.

Molton Brown: meeting modern consumer expectations with Cygnia Logistics

Cygnia Logistics has supported several beauty brands through this evolution stage, including Molton Brown, FeelUnique, Revolution Beauty and Crabtree & Evelyn. 

How can you ensure you’re ahead of the curve?

Revolution Beauty case study

Revolution Beauty – a highly successful British brand which creates cosmetics, skincare and haircare products for consumers and retailers worldwide – needed help in responsively serving influencer-driven demand peaks. 

Stocked in 44 territories worldwide, Revolution Beauty is the number one brand for Superdrug in the UK and Rossmann in Germany and the number six brand for USA’s Ulta Beauty. 

The successful beauty business specialises in creating and delivering products faster than anyone else – making it very responsive to changing tastes and trends. With much of the brand’s sales driven by vloggers and other social media influencers, its lead times needed to be flexible to meet sporadic peaks in demand and match customer expectations. 

Serving such demand requires a highly responsive and agile logistics solution to ensure quick, seamless and flexible delivery of its products to consumers.

Responsive and agile logistics solution

“Our customers are extremely important to us and so to manage our rapid growth without disrupting the customer experience, we made the strategic decision to outsource our order fulfilment to an expert third party provider,” says Nadine Neatrour, multi-channel leader at Revolution Beauty.

“Cygnia Logistics is a natural fit as we were looking for a fulfilment partner with a deep knowledge of the beauty and skincare sector and the capability to support the rapid growth of the brand across some 2,000 products.

“Revolution is an inherently social brand. We are tagged in over 2,000 images a day from bloggers, vloggers and consumers on Instagram who want to share images of their looks. We invite vloggers and friends of the brand to create content for our channel and represent the customer around the globe. Revolution has also seen phenomenal success in creating products for and alongside vloggers.”

The power of social media influencers is only going to increase – last month beauty vlogger, James Charles, brought Birmingham’s city centre to a standstill as thousands flocked to the Bullring Shopping Centre to see the star.

In order to effectively serve peak demand, it is important that brands have agile and responsive delivery solutions in place – particularly when such demand can be driven by social media influencers and vloggers.

Cygnia: delivering responsive solutions at peak demand

At Cygnia we are dedicated to delivery agile and responsive solutions for our customers – particularly during peak demand. This is of particular importance when such demand can be driven by social media influencers and vloggers.

To find out more about how you can best innovate your supply chain to get ahead of the social media revolution, visit or call 01604 664 300. 

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