Fasteners retailer Fabory modernizes e-commerce capabilities with Innovent Solutions and posts strong results


75-year old fasteners retailer has modernized its e-commerce capabilities in a partnership with Innovent Solutions and posted strong results. Here’s how

Founded in 1947 and headquartered in The Netherlands, Fabory offers a complete range of fasteners consisting of standard fasteners, custom-made products for specific applications and parts for the OEM market. Fabory has a strong presence in Europe but also sells worldwide through traditional and digital B2B channels. Fabory differentiates itself by delivering quality products and services with team members that have extensive knowledge of its customers’ markets, the newest fastening technologies and products for maintenance and repair, and a strong focus on understanding the needs and wishes of its customers.

Fabory’s digital presence is underpinned by SAP Commerce (Hybris) which embeds Solr for search technology. Fabory initially used Solr with SAP Commerce but faced challenges with delivering relevant search results. After trying a third-party search platform, Fabory returned to Solr and partnered with Innovent Solutions to implement FindTuner to enhance and elevate search, navigation and merchandising for, which has nearly 300,000 visitors each month and averages well over 200,000 unique searches per day.

Fabory uses high-end ERP and PIM applications along with SAP Commerce to manage a catalog with well over 250,000 products. Customers are typically shopping for fasteners that have similar descriptions and attributes, where a small difference in an attribute is the difference between the right products and the wrong ones. Products and searches also contain unit-of-measure data which further contributed to the challenge. Fabory’s goals included:

  • Deliver a great search and navigation experience—Because many products have different searchable attributes with similar values, search queries tended to lead to thousands of results. Fabory needed better tools to deliver great search results and seamlessly handle their robust catalog with numerous and complex attributes. Maximizing the click- through rate on the search results page was an important measure of success. Presenting the most relevant facets for a given search was also an important goal.
  • Leverage KPIs for relevancy—Fabory has valuable KPI data, such as availability, margin and sales rank, which could be used to help find products faster and create better cus- tomer experiences. Both search and category results need to leverage KPIs in any combi- nation to meet business objectives. Further, Fabory wanted flexibility to target based on sales organization, verticals and other segments based on various use-cases.
  • Effectively manage promotions—Fabory runs scheduled and ad hoc promotional campaigns throughout the year and is needed to provide merchandisers with easy-to-use tools to create landing pages using collections of products that may or may not be related. With flexibility and efficiency as goals, Fabory desired a solution that did not require materializing new categories or classifications in SAP Commerce.
  • Add value to SAP Commerce—While SAP Commerce provides tooling to merchandise category results, Fabory realized the need for more comprehensive functionality. Having the ability to merchandise keywords, and handle searches that include units-of-measure and other technical specifications became very important. Further, whether products are found via search or category navigation, the products presented should be similar thereby giving the customer comfort the results are accurate and comprehensive.

Fabory partnered with Innovent Solutions to implement Innovent’s FindTuner solution with SAP Commerce. FindTuner enables merchandisers to plan, customize and optimize the way customers search and experience Strategies are created to craft product promotions using KPI data and human-touch techniques, curate landing pages for the ideal customer experience, and provide search and category results that target the customer in ways that meet business objectives.

  • Deliver a great search and navigation experience—Using FindTuner, Fabory tunes and improves relevancy without having to modify Solr configuration. Fabory is empowered to deliver the most rele- vant facets based on a customer’s search. As Richard Rijsterborgh, Senior E-commerce Manager ex- plains, “FindTuner helps us tune the relevance score and over time allows us to increasingly show the right results to our customers. The most relevant facets can be configured for any customer context. This allows us to create easy navigations and even a guided search.”
  • Leverage KPIs for relevancy—Using FindTuner’s AutoTune Algorithms, Fabory meets business ob- jectives with strategies that boost products based on any combination of sales performance, margin, product availability and other metrics. In support of B2B needs, Fabory boosts customer-specific products and layers additional boost algorithms depending on sales organization.
  • Effectively manage promotions—Fabory can easily create and manage scheduled promotions in- cluding Deal of the week, Monthly Sales, Black Friday, Cyber Monday, Fabory Days, and Back to Work. Rijsterborgh further highlights “With FindTuner, we empower merchandisers to quickly create specific landing pages. This makes creation and changes in our campaigns very flexible. As good promo- tions cannot always be planned and scheduled in advance with the PIM team, it’s essential that mer- chandisers can make last-minute changes in a user-friendly tool.”
  • Add value to SAP Commerce—FindTuner gives Fabory the ability to target customers with any com- bination of a keyword, browse-path and context including segments, profiles and location. FindTun- er’s powerful Query Rewrite feature provides all the necessary capabilities to gracefully handle unit- of-measure and product specification queries. Customer experience is improved by providing search and category results that are coordinated to have similar outcomes. 

Customer experience has been greatly improved with more relevant product search that leverages rich KPI data to match the customer’s intent and Fabory’s business objectives. “FindTuner empowers our team with easy-to-use tools for tuning relevancy, managing campaigns, and creating customer-centric search and navigation experiences,” stated Vasuki Muralidhar, CIO at Fabory.
Fabory is enjoying the added value of FindTuner with SAP Commerce through enhanced relevancy control, keyword merchandising and consistent search and category results. Merchandisers are em- powered to easily create scheduled and ad hoc campaigns.