Fearn Products develops UK’s first fully sustainable cling film


Fearn Products has announced that it has developed and launched the UK’s (and Europe’s) first fully sustainable cling film made from sugar cane – Fearn Eco-Cling Film. The new 100% recyclable film has been made without using petroleum, the underlying environmental problem with the traditional form, and instead has innovated a production process using sustainably grown sugar cane allowing for a fully eco-friendly and workable cling film.

Fearn Eco-Cling Film has no negative impact on world food production and is set to revolutionise households across the country when it launches in retailers this spring.

The game-changing eco-film is made by using leftover waste from sugar production, which is chopped and pressed to create a pulp and sugar cane alcohol. The alcohol is then turned into ethanol, which is used to power the production facility, in Brazil where the sugar cane is grown. The pulp is turned into resin and transported via ship to Europe where it is turned into cling film.

Matthew Fearn, managing director of Fearn Products, says: “Cling film is one of the biggest guilt-inducing products in households everywhere; we all want to be more environmentally conscious but sometimes convenience comes first and so far, there is no alternative that actually works well. Now at last there is a solution that is environmentally sound.  We have worked for the last two years developing our new eco-cling film and we are thrilled that finally we have a workable and fully sustainable product to offer to retail.

“The concept of cling film is incredibly smart which is why it is used so extensively; the problem is what it’s made from and we are only too aware of how petro-plastics are destroying our oceans. For most of us the solution is about taking small steps that will enable change in the long term, and this is what we set out to do with Fearn Eco-Cling-film, in fact we know that for every 200,000 tonnes of product we produce, we can offset the carbon emissions of 1 million cars. ”

With eyes firmly on helping to address climate change and the call for Governments and companies, globally, to start making changes to the use and re-use of petro-plastics, this launch is timely, with traditional cling film being one of the UK’s biggest contributors to this.