Feel Good Drinks campaigns for two-day Bank Holiday

Feel Good Drinks: holiday campaign

Following the news of the royal engagement, the Feel Good Drinks Company is campaigning for a two-day Bank Holiday in 2011.

While prime minister David Cameron has committed to a national holiday to celebrate the special occasion, the 100% natural juice drink manufacturer is petitioning to have the day after off work too, to encourage people to use it to get involved in volunteer work in the community and for charity.

Dave Wallwork, co-founder and managing director, said: “Royal weddings are a perfect opportunity for the whole community to feel good and celebrate together. The Feel Good Drinks team will be taking the day off work to enjoy the occasion and we’re giving the whole team the opportunity to spend the following day working in their local communities or for charities they feel passionate about.

“We think the government should follow our lead and encourage businesses to let their staff take the next day off too to do some good. We already give our staff five additional day’s paid holiday a year to give them the chance to do their bit through what we call ‘Feelgoodness Days’.

“This involves volunteering to help a local community or a charity, so it can be anything from running the London Marathon to helping plant trees or clean up the banks of the River Thames, as long as it makes a difference. Having an extra two days off to celebrate and help others in 2011 is definitely in line with David Cameron’s ‘Big Society’ idea and we believe the Royal wedding is the perfect time to encourage community spirit’.”

And Wallwork is encouraging others to join in. “Us doing our bit where we can is a great start, but getting thousands of other companies to join in too would make a real impact,” he said.