Festival pop-up shop shows new face of Majestic Wine


Majestic Wine, the UK’s largest specialist wine retailer, will be taking concepts from its newest stores to Taste of London this week in the company’s first ever festival pop-up.

The wine specialist is promising a ‘palate fitting’ station, where visitors can quickly sample a wide array of styles in order to calibrate their tastes. There will also be new-look merchandising and a large communal tasting bar for visitors to compare notes – features which could then be rolled out in all 210 branches.

60,000 food-loving festival goers attend Taste of London every Summer in Regent’s Park, London. Majestic’s stand will host masterclass tastings for up to 30 people at a time, as well as a Definition (Majestic’s own label) wine bar – a concept which the retailer has previously showcased at Lord’s Cricket Ground.

“Taking our new-look store format  on the road is a great way to introduce customers to what makes Majestic special” said Customer Director Natalie Th’ng. “Majestic has changed a lot in the last few years. Our stores are moving away from the warehouse-feel, and we think a relaxed festival environment with the emphasis on tasting makes this an ideal fit to showcase our new customer-centric improvements. Plus, who doesn’t love tasting great wines in the sun?”

Foodies have been spoiled in recent years, with festivals helping to capture and promote both the craft beer and craft spirit movements. Majestic will be hoping that a similar approach to events can help to do the same for wine, with a focus on tastings both in-store and now on the road.