Fever-Tree launches new drinks book: Fever-Tree Easy Mixing

Get ready to delight friends and family with effortless yet impressive cocktail creations, thanks to Fever-Tree’s brand new mixed drinks and cocktails recipe book – Fever-Tree Easy Mixing.

The much-anticipated follow up to their 2018 best-selling drinks book The Art of Mixing – this September, Fever-Tree is launching “Easy Mixing” – a collection of simple yet impressive recipes to be created in no time at all, combining Fever-Tree’s wide range of mixers, fan-favourite spirits, and beautifully simple ingredients.

From mules and mojitos to highballs and twists on your classic G&Ts, Fever-Tree Easy Mixing features over 150 delicious and straightforward mixed drink recipes – because great-tasting drinks don’t have to be complicated or time-consuming.

Preview of recipes from each chapter of Fever-Tree Easy Mixing:

Raspberry Mule (Mules & Mojitos)

This fruity twist on the traditional mule adds 3tsps of Chambord Liqueur to 35ml of premium vodka, the sweet tang of raspberry perfectly complementing the bite of the Fever-Tree Ginger Beer. Finished with two lime wedges, some raspberries and mint, this is a super-easy refresh of a classic cocktail that’s bound to be a fan-favourite.

Campari Spritz (Sodas & Spritzes)

The spritz has become the new go-to drink for cocktail lovers, and this super easy Campari Spritz that is bursting with zest is bound to become the star of the show.  Fever-Tree Italian Blood Orange Soda teams up with 50ml of Campari and an orange wedge to create a sensationally citrus delight in 3 simple steps. Simple and delicious, this is guaranteed to become an instant household staple.

Orange & Rosemary G&T (G&T & Friends)

A sprig of rosemary is the perfect complement to the juicy orange flavours from the 3tsps of Cointreau and orange peel, alongside a 35ml of Tanqueray No. Ten and topped up with Fever-Tree Mediterranean Tonic Water. This deliciously fresh twist to the classic G&T has all the flavours of the Southern Spanish Coast.

Long Cosmopolitan (Sodas & Spritzes)

This bright and fruity cocktail is the ultimate refresh of a classic cocktail. Just 35ml of premium vodka, 3tsps of Cointreau and 25ml of cranberry juice create a sweet, fresh foundation while the Fever-Tree Mexican Lime Soda and lime wedge provide the sharp kick that every Cosmo needs.

Strawberry & Elderflower Collins Pitcher (Pitcher Perfect)

The sharp sweetness of strawberries transforms this classic drink into a refreshing delight. It couldn’t be easier to create a pitcher of this stunning blush drink, ideal for sharing at any occasion. By simply adding a handful of fresh strawberries, lemons and mint to 200ml of Hendrick’s Gin and 800ml of Fever-Tree Elderflower Tonic Water, it’s transformed into a refreshing, fruity drink with all the aromas of an English country garden.

With more than 150 Quick and Delicious Mixed Drinks and Cocktails just as tasty and exciting as these, Fever-Tree Easy Mixing will help you to discover the joy and ease of mixing at home.

Fever-Tree Easy Mixing is available to pre-order from Waterstones for the Waterstones exclusive edition or Amazon for just £15.99; find it in store from 16 September 2021.