Voucherbox.co.uk: fewer than one in 10 shoppers to hit high as Black Friday bargain hunters shop online


A survey of UK shoppers has found that only 6.5% of people intend to spend their money on the high street on the last payday weekend before Christmas, with the majority looking to focus their bargain hunting online on Black Friday instead.

Money saving website Voucherbox.co.uk interviewed 2,000 people in the UK on their shopping plans for the weeks ahead. Just 6.5% of respondents said they would hit the high street over the 28th-29th November ‘Cyber Weekend’, whilst 11.2% plan to shop on the high street on Black Friday itself, and only 21.7% said they would be visiting shops for the Boxing Day sales.

Meanwhile, 35.4% of those surveyed stated that they plan to shop online on Black Friday, compared to 33.9% on Boxing Day, 20% on Cyber Monday and just 10.6% on Christmas Day itself.

Last year Boxing Day was the online winner with 33.6% of people shopping on that day, but Black Friday was just behind with 32.9%, whilst Cyber Monday trailed with 16.9%.

Regarding expectations about which days will have the best discounts, UK consumers could be missing a trick.Voucherbox.co.uk data on the average savings available online on each day show that last year Cyber Monday offered the best opportunities with average discounts of 36% from retailers, more than on Black Friday (33%) and Boxing Day (24%). Only 12.2% of those interviewed thought Cyber Monday would have the best discounts this year, with the perception still being that Boxing Day is when the biggest bargains can be found.

Overall, it is expected that more than £1bn will be spent by British shoppers online on Black Friday, which would be a new UK retail benchmark.

Shane Forster, UK Country Manager at Voucherbox.co.uk, stated, “We are seeing increased online shopping predictions across the board on every important shopping day this year and so we are not surprised that the high street will be seeing less visits. However we are shocked by how low this number is for those who plan to visit the high street on the biggest savings weekend of the year. What these figures show is that shoppers are getting savvier, especially at this time of year where buying online offers more opportunity to shop around and use extra savings such as vouchers codes. Therefore consumers are likely to save more online than if they go to the high street”

Voucherbox.co.uk also analysed the percentages of discounts by category of shopping on the big discount days last year with fashion and footwear discounts by far the most dominant in the market. Health & beauty was the second biggest sector on Black Friday and Boxing Day, but technology bargains moved up as second most popular on CyberMonday.

Men were bigger shoppers than women last year on Black Friday and Cyber Monday, whereas Boxing Day last year was a bigger day for female online shoppers than for men. This year a higher % of women than men intend to shop online on Black Friday, but men are still more likely than women to be hunting online for bargains on Cyber Monday.