FICO optimisation software gains ground in Europe and with OTTO toy retailer


FICO, a leading predictive analytics and decision management software company, reports it is seeing growing momentum across industries in Europe for the FICOXpress Optimization Suite software. 

New European clients for FICO Xpress include retailer, energy company GDF Suez, and the IT subsidiary company of the Groupement des Mousquetaires STIME; as well as leading European companies in mining, travel and other fields.

“Our business has grown so much that we need mathematical optimisation to manage our two massive warehouses,” said Ralf Schmilewski, head of ERP systems at, a member of the German OTTO group, which sells toys and one-stop shopping for families online.

“Optimisation will give us greater efficiency in processes such as picking and packing orders. We chose FICO Xpress Optimization Suite because it gives us fast answers and the ability to quickly optimise additional business processes. In addition, FICO offered the most flexible licensing scheme. We look forward to partnering with them to fully explore the capabilities of their optimisation offering.”

OTTO’S is among the companies that have adopted the latest version of FICO Xpress Optimization Suite. This release includes the new Xpress-Insight component, which is claimed to add rapid application deployment and unique support for cloud-based optimisation. The capabilities in FICO Xpress Optimization Suite provide productivity gains for both operations research teams and business users, helping them solve problems previously thought unsolvable, claims FICO.

“FICO Xpress has always been a favourite for operations research professionals because of the solver speed and the Xpress-Mosel modelling tool, which provides a robust way of defining large-scale optimisation models,” said Oliver Bastert, FICO product manager for optimisation tools.

“Our new versions have greater appeal to business users as well, since the highly visual user interface lets them do data exploration, what-if analysis, reporting, scenario management, and custom visualization. This is a game-changer that will push the power of optimisation deeper into companies, helping them compete in a big data world.”