Fields, Morris & Verdin to distribute whiskies from Swedish distillery High Coast


Fields, Morris & Verdin (FMV) is excited to announce the addition of High Coast to its spirits portfolio. 

High Coast is one of a handful of Swedish distilleries to be founded in recent years, and is one of the world’s most northerly distilleries, located at a latitude of 63°N.

Rebranded in 2018, High Coast is named after its location in Adalen on the High Coast of north-eastern Sweden. The distillery is located on the banks of the Ångermanälven River in a building that once housed the power plant for a wooden box factory, where the distillery’s initial name ‘Box’ originated.

Spirits buyer Doug McIvor comments: “I have been following the emergence of High Coast over the past few years after tasting new make spirit from the distillery a while back. My thoughts on tasting the spirit back then were that this was a world-beating whisky for the future.  Everything I’ve tasted from High Coast since then has confirmed this to be true.”

Spirits director Johnny Roberts adds: “We are thrilled to be working with the team from High Coast.  At 63oN it is one of the world’s most northerly distilleries; amazingly the arctic circle passes through their maturing whisky!  High Coast is a fantastic whisky that complements our existing range from Berry Bros.& Rudd, Glenrothes and Daftmill.”

FMV will be distributing a selection of whiskies from High Coast’s from April 2019.  A trade and press tasting of the range is taking place at Berry Bros. & Rudd on Tuesday 16th April 2019.  For further information on the tasting, as well as the full range of spirits available, please contact your FMV account manager.