Finnish discount retailer, Tokmanni Group, selects Profitero to stay ahead on price


Profitero today reports that Finland’s largest discount retailer, the Tokmanni Group, has enlisted Profitero’s price intelligence solution for its online store TokNet.

The Tokmanni Group said it selected Profitero for its industry-leading online data collection capability, its proven expertise in delivering the highest quality product-matching, as well as Profitero’s unique ability to collect prices in any country or language, including Finland.

Profitero’s price intelligence solution enables the discount retailer to monitor the online prices of its Key Value Items (KVIs) at competitor retailers and thereby guarantee that its customers benefit from the most competitive prices in the marketplace.

“Our mission is to offer an extensive range of quality products at affordable prices. In order to deliver on our commitment to lower prices, we chose to partner with Profitero as its solution met our key requirements: the capability to collect market pricing data in Finland, as well as Profitero’s proven product-matching accuracy across thousands of various products. We are confident that Profitero is the right partner to help us deliver the best value to our customers by ensuring we’re never beaten on price,” said Jari Laine, development director, Tokmanni Group.

“Profitero is delighted to welcome the Tokmanni Group to our rapidly growing portfolio of retailers who have selected Profitero as their price intelligence partner. Our unrivalled ability to monitor online competitor prices in any country or language – enabling retailers to more efficiently manage their prices both online as well as in-store – coupled with the proven accuracy of our product matching capability, clearly sets us apart from other solution providers in the market,” said Pieter Lemstra, director of sales, Profitero. “We look forward to helping the Tokmanni Group continue its customer pledge of providing the most competitive prices in Finland.”