Firebox launches Galaxy Dust Rum which it claims looks, tastes and smells like our galaxy

New Galaxy Dust Rum, the shop for the unusual, is once again shaking up the drinks industry with its latest launch of Galaxy Dust Rum, a new shimmering rum-based spirit that looks, tastes and smells just like our galaxy. Simply shake the bottle to awaken the purple, iridescent supernova of shimmering stardust contained within. 

Galaxy Dust is a 20% ABV white rum that tastes of sweet, tart raspberries, and shimmers as the liquid swirls around the glass. These elements have been combined to capture the scent, flavour and epic appearance of our galaxy in a bottle. According to scientists, our galaxy smells like white rum and tastes of freshly-picked raspberries. Without getting too sciency, it’s due to the presence of a chemical known as ethyl formate that’s also responsible for giving raspberries their unique taste. 

With rum dubbed as the ‘drink of lockdown’ by the Wine and Spirit Trade Association, and industry experts predicting it to be the drink of 2021, the team at Firebox wanted to create an exciting and adventurous version for the drinks cabinet. 

Following hot on the heels of the company’s other creative concoctions labelled as its ‘Uncommon Drinks’ range, such as Hard Milkshakes, and Hybrid Wine-Gin Liqueurs, the brand has established itself as the place to go for unique and innovative drinks with a twist. 

Xavier Unwin, creative director at, said: “While not all of us have the budget to jump on a rocket and explore the galaxy with the likes of Elon Musk, we felt there was no reason that Firebox couldn’t bring the galaxy to you in sensory form, to enjoy on warm summer’s evenings with friends as you stare out into the cosmos.

“The flavour is an ode to this incredible discovery made by astronomers. Naturally, we didn’t just stop at the galaxy themed flavour, but also developed the liquid so that the ethereal swirl of the galaxy could be enjoyed with every pour.”

The perfect drink for those long, summer evenings outdoors, Galaxy Dust Rum can be mixed into epic cosmic cocktails. Pair with lemonade for a classic raspberry spritz, or try Firebox’s ‘Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Daiquiri’ recipe below. 

Galaxy Dust Rum launches at on Monday, 19 April 2021 for £19.99.