Firezza serves up improved customer experience thanks to Box Technologies

firezza-image2Upmarket pizza takeaway and delivery group, Firezza, is supporting its omnichannel customer experience strategy with an upgrade to its point of sales (POS) systems with a solution from customer engagement technology specialists, Box Technologies, and Andromeda, provider of specialist restaurant delivery POS software and online ordering platforms.

With a focus on serving proper pizza to the delivery market – with fresh produce and pizza dough made on-site each day – Firezza has enjoyed steady growth over the past 15 years.  First focusing its expansion in London, and now extending to locations including Exeter and Milton Keynes, its UK footprint is now 22 strong.

Recognising that its customers’ orders were coming in across multiple sales channels – from in-store walk-ins and collections, to deliveries placed on the phone, or via its website and mobile app – Firezza sought to integrate its systems in order to streamline operations and enhance customer experience.

The solution from Box Technologies and Andromeda will integrate Firezza’s front of house Cielo ePOS with the drivers’ dispatch and kitchen display systems (KDS), providing real-time visibility on the status of each order, no matter the channel in which it is placed. 

The Andromeda POS system allows staff to see the location of the order, as well as previous purchase information and payment history, enabling them to personalise customer interactions as well as up-selling or recommending new dishes. Mobile-enabled, the tablet drivers’ dispatch system can also be used as a front of house POS ordering point, giving staff the flexibility to accommodate fluctuations in the volumes of on- or off-line orders so that they reach the kitchen more quickly.

Integrated with the Andromeda POS system, the wall mounted KDS screen updates order details in real-time, improving the speed at which the kitchen team can start preparing each dish. The 22in screen also highlights order variations or special dietary requirements, making these more visible to the chefs to help improve the accuracy of orders.

Nasir Younas, central operations manager at Firezza, commented: “Our customers expect to have the same seamless experience when they order from us, no matter which channel they come through, be it in the restaurant, on the phone, or online. The new system has enabled us to do this and, at the same time, has improved efficiencies between the front of house, kitchen and delivery drivers, meaning our customers benefit from getting the same high quality, fire-baked pizza, faster – it’s given us speed without compromising on the quality.”

Raj Parmar, marketing director, Box Technologies said “Today’s connected consumers don’t differentiate by channel – they expect speed, convenience and personalisation at each and every touchpoint. By integrating its systems and improving visibility and fluidity across the business functions, our solution has equipped Firezza with the tools to enhance consumer experiences and better meet the demands of its customers.”