Businesses want quick access to accurate data, say SAP consultants


Many organisations are at a competitive disadvantage because they do not have immediate access to accurate, business-focused information to support their corporate objectives, according to customer feedback generated by specialist SAP consultancy De Villiers Walton.

The corporate CFOs and board directors De Villiers Walton consulted reported faster or instant access to more accurate data would aid them in their daily work and give them more flexibility with their time. Some said they were reasonably satisfied with their current business intelligence (BI) systems, while others said their business software lacks the capabilities to suit their specific business needs.

Most of the organisations that did not currently have access to BI data believed their business would benefit from a more unified reporting system with better workflow processes.

“Often companies are reliant on time-consuming internal reporting that may not always be totally accurate or up-to-date, rather than having the ability to access a single source of data on-line and have it delivered when it is needed in a format that is applicable to immediate business needs,” says Daneel de Villiers, De Villiers Walton co-founder and managing director.

“Even those with Business Intelligence software in place are typically not getting the most out of their investment because they are not optimised for users, or may not have been tailored for the individual needs and demands of the business.

“Data is taken from BI tools and then processed in such a way that the accuracy is compromised and the time taken to process the data means that it is already losing relevance. Alternatively, the system architecture may be wrong for the needs of the business.”

In response to the need for enhanced BI systems, De Villiers Walton has launched an Intelligent BI Programme, a low-risk, back to basics process which addresses a company’s existing BI difficulties and provides a quick, cost-effective means of meeting their needs, tackling vital issues such as under-utilised or inaccurate data.

“In today’s uncertain economic climate, Business Intelligence (BI) software is an extremely valuable tool that can help organisations to both identify efficiency savings and control costs,” said De Villiers.

“The accurate and easily-accessible information advanced BI tools can generate is based on pre-defined key performance indicators that give businesses a clearer picture of current business activity and, crucially, can be used to create strategies that improve margins and increase market share.”