First North American forecourts roll-out GripHero’s hand-protection solution

GripHero, the maker of the world’s only fuel-nozzle mounted hand-protection dispenser, has announced its first network roll-out in the U.S with North America’s convenience store and fuel chain Thorntons. Installed to enhance customer safety by minimising the potential transfer of germs, biohazards, chemical or biological contamination, GripHero enables Thornton’s forecourts to remain open 24/7 to serve customers safely during and after the Covid-19 crisis.

Based in Louisville, Kentucky, Thorntons operates over 200 convenience stores across six states including Kentucky, Illinois, Indiana, Ohio, Tennessee and Florida. The vertically integrated company offers its own fuel terminals, as well as providing high quality fresh food and beverages.

Since the global spread of Covid-19, forecourt operators and drivers alike have been focussed on protection and safety at the pumps. As a result, GripHero has seen exceptionally high demand, resulting in the business doubling production and capacity, with new orders received on 4 continents.

In April alone over 2,000 forecourts across the globe signed up to GripHero’s offer of free hand-protection dispensers at the fuel pump – keeping members of the public and staff protected against the avoidable transmission of Covid-19, while putting an end to foul smelling, fuel contaminated hands; Thorntons being one of the many companies to take GripHero up on its offer.

By ensuring that hand-protection is available at the precise point where it is needed – at the point of fuel delivery – GripHero helps to ensure that motorists refuelling their vehicles do not come into contact with hard plastic and metal surfaces where Covid-19 can easily be passed from one driver to another.

GripHero’s patented product range offers the only dispenser in the world permitted to sit on fuel pump handles. GripHero’s award-winning ATEX-Certified anti-static hand-protection material removes all chance of ignition caused by static, uniquely enabling the dispensers to be fitted and used in the refueling zone.

Inventor and MD of GripHero, Oli Yeo commented: “We are thrilled that Thorntons is leading the way in North America with GripHero’s award-winning hand-protection solution. Now, more than ever, protecting customers’ health and wellbeing as well as the environment is a top priority, and GripHero uniquely delivers both through its single item hand-protection release solution.”

Yeo added: “By installing GripHero across Thorntons’ forecourts, customer safety is optimised, stopping the potential spread of Covid-19 or any harmful bacteria for that matter. From the feedback we’re getting, it’s clear that both drivers and forecourts are benefiting as motorists return time and again to fill up and purchase items in-store, safe in the knowledge that their health and wellbeing is Thornton’s number one concern. We see Thorntons as a leader in the US, with many US networks already following in their footsteps.”

Simon Richards, president and CEO of Thorntons, said: “At Thorntons, we care greatly about the safety and well-being of our Guests and our Team Members. We are pleased to offer this innovative new solution as an added layer of protection to bring our Guests extra peace of mind when they shop for fuel and other great products at our always clean stores.”

In addition to cutting waste – by dispensing just one item of hand-protection at a time – and preventing transmission of Covid-19 from driver to driver via the fuel pump handle, GripHero’s exceptional efficiency ends the common occurrence of hand-protection shortages.

Independent research commissioned by GripHero, shows that over 80% of drivers regularly fill up without using hand-protection because they can’t find gloves, or because standard dispensers are empty.* Fitting GripHero hand-protection at every refuelling bay, and in particular on each fuel pump nozzle, helps put a stop to this problem. Furthermore, a recent survey by leading motor insurance firm Admiral, found that more than 40% of drivers will not fill up at a forecourt unless offered quality hand-protection.

Fitting GripHero’s high-efficiency dispensers – which release just one item of hand-protection at a time – avoids clumps of gloves being taken, increasing capacity, preventing unnecessary waste and putting an end to hand-protection shortages. It also stops clumps of gloves being stuffed back into traditional dispensers on bins and pillars, which could lead to the transmission of Covid-19 when the next driver withdraws a glove touched by previous motorists.

Forecourts installing GripHero’s dispensers will need to use GripHero’s ATEX-Certified anti-static hand-protection.