Fondues make a comeback at Selfridges

Top of the range fondue set

Department store Selfridges is celebrating the revival of the fondue as the trend for ‘cocooning cuisine’ leads home entertaining.

Selfridges reports sales of fondue sets have soared by 120% at stores and online this year (compared to 2009), as consumers back the return of the dinner party and look for a novel way to entertain.

To meet the increased demand, Selfridges has expanded its range of fondue sets from four to 12. They can all be used for savoury and sweet recipes, using chocolate, cheese or oil.

Fondue prices start from £18.95, rise to £100 for Bodum’s Fongafale and peak at £450 for Rosle’s piece de fondue, which is made from 18/10 stainless steel and can double as a casserole dish.

Selfridges reports its home dining department is up 30% and it has increased its dining entertainment offer by 60% to provide customers with more choice and exclusive products in the run up to Christmas.

Louise Sellwood, Selfridges’ cookshop and dining buyer, said: “1970’s food has had a serious revival this year. From prawn cocktail to black forest gateaux, the old retro favourites are back on the modern menu. The fondue is one of the most iconic 1970’s dishes and is evocative of dinner parties of days gone by. Whether cheese or oil, the savoury fondue is one of the true classics so it’s no surprise to see it back in vogue.”