Food and drink development consultancy revamps website

FBDC: new website on food and drink NPD

FBDC: new website on food and drink NPD

Food and drink NPD consultancy, The Food Business Development Company (FBDC), has revamped its website to provide customers and visitors with a raft of information on the grocery retail sector.

The new site is designed to showcase the company’s range of services and highlight its expertise.

FBDC offers three principal services: food consultancy; product development and sourcing; plus creating concepts and trials for new brands, preparing them for launch to retail.

It comprises a team of specialists from the retail, foodservice, manufacturing, airlines and leisure sectors; who have worked with leading retailers including Spar, Boots, Marks & Spencer, Sainsbury’s and Tesco.

Susan Pieterse, FBDC development and innovation specialist, believes there is a real need for organisations to focus on developing products which are fit for purpose and represent good value in the coming years.

“In the next two years, consumers will continue to eat at home, but increases in the costs of protein may impact on family eating, so more families may extend their repertoires to non-meat dishes,” she said.

“We will also have to see what the impact of the new university charging approach has on the early 20-somethings in terms of their weekly spending.”

The company believes there will be a trend towards more pan-Asian foods as they are, in many cases, perceived as healthier and are quicker to cook.

“Consumers will also be looking for everything to be done quicker, simpler and cheaper,” said Pieterse.

“The key trends we are seeing in products this autumn are nostalgic and retro, fresh and simple, local provenance, minimum hassle, as well as two for one promotion’s and special purchases.

“The new website is another tool we are using in the company’s strategy to develop a pool of loyal customers,” she said.