Food and drink executives sign up for presidential-style training

First100: US trend gaining momentum

First100: US trend gaining momentum

Senior executives in the food and drink industry are signing up to a programme, which is geared towards helping them achieve the best possible results in their first 100 days in a new role.

First100, a London-based executive leadership and performance acceleration consultancy, has delivered its programme to a number of corporate clients including John West Foods, Accenture, Vodafone, Telefonica 02, Sun Life and Merck.

US Presidents have long been judged on their first 100 days in office, says the company, but today’s business leaders are now coming under similar scrutiny.

First100 uses a mix of workshops, planning and coaching to help clients develop and deliver a robust first 100 days plan which encompasses the individual, role, organisation and marketplace.

Topics include the need for a clear vision, strong self-management, understanding an organisation’s politics, an ability to bring people with you and the need to get fast results.

According to First100, the programme works across a range of scenarios including external recruits, internal promotions, returners to work, new team formation, the start of a new financial year and the aftermath of a major change such as a merger.

Niamh O’Keeffe, founder and managing director of First100, said: “A few decades ago, investors sought 10-year strategic plans, then five-year and subsequently three- and two-year plans were in vogue.

“Today, the pressure facing senior business leaders has never been greater with companies and shareholders demanding better and faster results than ever before.

“The impact of the global recession has simply intensified the expectations on our senior executives to deliver – and quickly – and the growing number of organisations asking us to work with them is an indication the US phenomenon of the first 100 days is gaining real momentum in Britain and Ireland.”