Food leaders invited to tackle climate impact and food waste

On Thursday 10 March at 2pm, Action Against Hunger, the world’s leading charity in the fight against child hunger, is hosting a live discussion with its biggest global partner, international sushi franchise KellyDeli, on reducing climate impact and food waste.

Taking place during Food Waste Action Week, leaders from across the food and beverage sector are invited to gain practical insight and explore solutions to respond to the climate and hunger crisis. 

KellyDeli’s corporate responsibility manager Celine Ricord said: “UK businesses are throwing away food worth an estimated £5 billion every year. Consumers are increasingly looking to see what the food and retail sector is doing to tackle this vital issue. There are nearly one billion hungry people in the world. Nearly all of these people could be fed on a quarter of the food that is wasted in the US, UK and Europe.

“Tackling food waste is one of the most effective ways of addressing the challenges of the pressures on our food systems. Join and be part of the solution to fight climate change and hunger with us and Action Against Hunger.”

Jean-Michel Grand, executive director of Action Against Hunger UK, said: “We are so grateful for KellyDeli’s continued support. We would never be able to reach the most vulnerable people around the world without the help of our most loyal long-term partners.  

“There is an urgent hunger crisis in the world right now, due to the impacts of climate change, the pandemic and conflicts. We thank KellyDeli hugely for expanding our activity together and for this new product launch, which will enable us to be there for all those who sadly and increasingly need our help.”

Since KellyDeli launched Forgotten Ends, which is made of the end pieces of sushi rolls which would normally be discarded, it has sold nearly 500,000 pots in just two years and raised more than £100,000 in the UK alone for Action Against Hunger, saved more than 95 tonnes of food waste and 237 tonnes of CO2.

Globally, Forgotten Ends has prevented 133 tonnes of food waste and saved 333 tonnes of CO2. The money raised for Action Against Hunger has helped to save the lives of 2,380 of the world’s most vulnerable children.