Food Lover’s Market and FreshStop roll out digital signage at stores in South Africa

Digital menu boards in use at the FreshStop Airport City store

Digital menu boards in use at the FreshStop Airport City store

South African retail giants, Food Lover’s Market and FreshStop, are leveraging their retail sales success with the national roll-out of digital signage in their stores. In line with international trends and the proven increase in sales turnover for retailers who have implemented in-store digital media, Food Lover’s Market and FreshStop are pursuing the proactive roll-out of this technology across the country. 

In 2011, Food Lover’s Market first made the decision to implement a dynamic digital signage system at select stores across the country. Moving Tactics, the leading South African digital signage solutions company, was brought on-board to supply the retailer with an integrated system that would allow for multiple channels at specific food departments (eg butchery, bakery, sushi, etc) via a seamless wireless network.

Since then, Moving Tactics has been implementing a six-store quarterly roll-out plan for Food Lover’s Market and to date, 20 screens have been installed. 

Kevin Bierman, head of digital signage solutions at Moving Tactics, said: “The digital signage screens, which average two to three screens per installation, currently flight in-store promotions and product prices specific to that food department.

“As a result of our systems being built on the X2O Media platform, an end-to-end HTML5-based system, we are able to create and manage content from one channel to another. In the fast-moving retail world, prices and product promotions constantly need to be changed and updated and our clients are always surprised at how effortless and effective our content management system tools are to operate. The price of any item can be changed within minutes at all stores nationally or within a specific region, allowing retail groups to control product pricing at all their stores, manage promotions more effectively and retain consistency and integrity with their customers.”

In 2012, the Fruit & Veg City Group and Moving Tactics started discussions to supply its FreshStop retail stores, the fastest growing convenience retail brand in South Africa, with an effective in-store digital media solution. Based on the successful trial period with FreshStop, 35 digital menu boards have already been installed at 20 FreshStop stores and another 50 stores are due for installation.

“Digital menu boards are one of the fastest-growing segments of digital signage as they positively impact not only the retailer but they also enhance the customer’s experience. The screens are smart and stylish and they give the impression that the business is high-tech and professional. Equally important, the menus can easily be updated to reflect new products and new pricing at the press of a button. Integrating dynamic content alongside the core menu information not only creates visual impact, but also increases customer engagement with the menu itself,” said Bierman.

FreshStop’s 24-hour digital screens flight menu board information on items available in the various food departments, such as Grab ‘n Go and Hot Foods, as well as in their in-store Seattle Coffee Bars. Each store has unique prices and products on offer and the X2O Media platform provides the flexibility and quick turnaround time required by FreshStop’s franchisees.

Joe Boyle, director of FreshStop, said: “The digital menu boards supplied by Moving Tactics have made it easy for our franchisees to manage their content and quickly update information. The system allows each franchisee to log-in through a web portal and update their store’s specific pricing and menu offering whenever they wish. We are very happy with the impact that the in-store digital media platform is having on our business and we look forward to continuing our roll-out.”